25+ Best Adult Birthday Party Games

25+ Best Adult Birthday Party Games – Gift Ideas

Mix things up with the best adult birthday party games! Birthday Parties are always something that I look forward to. These games are the best way to add some extra fun and also, the ideal gift idea!

Cards Against Humanity

The first idea on the list: Best Adult Birthday Party Games. Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. (This is the main game. Buy this first.).

  • Now version 2.0 with over 150 new cards
  • Expanded to 600 cards (50 more than before)

What Do You Meme? Core Game – The Hilarious Adult Party Game for Meme Lovers

The winner of each round is decided by a rotating judge. Pro tip: pick your caption card to match the judge’s sense of humor. Each What Do You Meme core game contains 435 cards. 360 of these are caption cards and 75 are photo cards. Printed on premium playing cards (thick with gloss finish); includes easel and bonus rules, shrink-wrapped in a custom box. This game contains mature content and is designed for ages 17+. Encouraged to be played with 3+ players.

Drunk Stoned or Stupid [A Party Game]

Get the party started with the original Drunk Stoned or Stupid party game. But keep the party going when you complete your collection of Drunk Stoned or Stupid expansion packs, with new cards that are more relevant that ever to roast your friends. DRUNK STONED OR STUPID includes 250 cards to decide who in the group is most likely to… “#1 Wake up with half a burrito in bed”, “#27 Have 20-minute conversation with Siri” and “#147 Shame people for going to bed”. Over 1 million copies sold!

Player Ten The Voting Game

The Voting Game is a party game that uncovers the hilarious truth behind your friendships. The Voting Game begins when the first question card is revealed. e.g., Who would survive the longest in a zombie apocalypse? Players then vote anonymously for the player that is best described by the question. Results are tallied and revealed to the group – laughter is guaranteed! Each player guesses who voted for them. Players get one guess for every vote they received. If they guess correctly, the truth is revealed. Play again and again – Gameplay varies dramatically based on who you’re playing with. Get to know each other – Personal stories are often shared after a revealing vote.

That’s What She Said – The Twisted Party Game (Base Game)

Designed for four or more players, that’s what she said takes 30-60 minutes to play. unlike other party games, all the cards within the game are designed to work together to maximize the evening’s hilarity and minimize those awkward well-that-wasn’t-funny moments. also, after each round, players can discard one card that doesn’t tickle their pickle (twss) and redraw to keep their hand funny and fresh. the player known to be the most twisted of the bunch is the first judge and starts the game by reading a red setup card to the group, while the remaining players select the most hilarious card from their hand for consideration.

Cards Against Humanity: 90s Nostalgia Pack

Don’t have a cow, man! The 90s Nostalgia Pack is a totally tubular crossfire of fresh-making jokes. Once you pop, the fun don’t stop!

  • 30 cards about the 1990s, a popular decade.
  • Too sexy for its shirt.

Pick Your Poison Card Game: The “What Would You Rather Do?” Party Game

  • Pick Your Poison is a card game of unfathomable “What would you rather do?” scenarios. Perfect for Halloween
  • Three or more players compete to create the hardest scenario possible by combining two Poison cards (350 included).
  • Everyone anonymously “Picks their poison” – After the reveal, find out who was “right” and who is just as messed up as you thought.
  • From the creators of The Voting Game and Hot Seat.
  • Combine with the Regular Edition for even more fun!

PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Uncensored Game

Maybe you’ve watched Ellen play the original game with guests on her show, or maybe you’ve seen the funny videos. Well, since the original is so popular, we put our ‘uncensored hats’ on and cooked up this new, adult version! Same gameplay–name three things in five seconds–but the topics are a bit more risque, or in touch with pop culture. So your answers can get more uncensored! And, yes, the game includes the famous silly zooooop marble timer, just a bit smaller for easier travel, and with a color makeover for a fresh look! Get together with friends and let the good (uncensored!) times roll!

BAD PEOPLE – The Party Game You Probably Shouldn’t Play

  • HILARIOUS PARTY GAME: Vote for your friends on outrageous and next-level questions. Find out what your friends really think of you and get to know your friends better! Share crazy and ridiculous stories after each round
  • EXAMPLE QUESTIONS: “Most likely to run into a former partner and not remember their name?”, “Who gets paid too much for what they do?”, “Least likely to be a target for identity theft?” Plus so many next-level questions
  • EASY TO LEARN RULES: 420 Hilarious Cards, 10 Player Identity Cards (up to 10 people can play at once), 300 Question Cards, 100 Voting Cards, 10 Double Down Cards. Comes with the Bad People base game and NSFW Expansion Pack for the ultimate party game experience
  • PERFECT FOR PARTIES AND GAMES NIGHT: It’s the most fun card game ever! All players are involved at all times

Fresh Memes #1 Expansion Pack by What Do You Meme?

  • Fresh Memes Pt. 1: Treat yourself to more memes to keep game night fresh AF — you deserve it, you’re pretty terrific.
  • Don’t Forget the original: Requires the What Do You Meme? core game to play.
  • Designed for 17+: This expansion pack contains mature content and is designed for ages 17+. The main game requires 3+ players.
  • How to Play: Compete with your friends and family to create the funniest memes. Do this by using one of your dealt caption cards to caption the photo card in each round.
  • What’s Inside: 115 Cards (90 caption cards & 25 photo cards) to be added to the core game.

Never Have I Ever a Fun Party Card Game Ages

  • Ever crack up thinking, “why did I DO that?” Of course, you have! Ever wish you could be rewarded for the most ludicrous decisions you’ve ever made? Well… now’s your chance! Never Have I Ever is the ultimate party game for laughing with friends about the crazy lives you’ve lived. Just deal with the cards, answer the questions, and laugh at your friends being just as funny as you are!
  • Of all the card games, board games, and party games out there, Never Have I Ever presents the BEST opportunity to learn hilarious facts about the people you THOUGHT you knew. It’s fast, fun, and perfect for your next game night.
  • Follow the simple rules, and laugh your faces off while being rewarded for some of the worst decisions you’ve ever made. What could be better?!
  • Inside this box are hundreds of cards that were specially designed for a memorable fun night. Just remember: the more you’ve done, and the more you ADMIT, the better you’ll do. So check your shame at the door and have fun!

Adult Loaded Questions- A Rousing Adult Party Game

  • The hilarious adult party version of the classic ‘who said what’ game. For 4 6 players / ages 17+
  • Features 308 new and classic Adult Loaded Questions, all-new design, and added gameplay features/components for a laughter-filled Game Night
  • Questions include: What is an instant mood killer? / What word sounds dirty but isn’t? / What TV show would you watch if it included full nudity
  • 2018 update: How to win and VIP cards are updated in this version
  • Additional Loaded Questions games include the main Loaded Questions game, Party, Junior, and On the Go

Exploding Kittens Card Game – Nsfw (Explicit Adult Content) Edition

Exploding Kittens is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats. In this highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian roulette, players draw cards until someone draws an exploding kitten, at which point They explode, they are Dead, and they are out of the game — unless that player has a defuse card, which can defuse the kitten using things like laser pointers, belly rubs, and catnip sandwiches. All of the other cards in the deck are used to move, mitigate, or avoid the exploding kittens. The nsfw edition can be played with 2 to 5 players or combined with another deck to play with up to 9 players.

Wit’s End Board Game

Think you know a little about a lot? Put your mind to the test with WIT’S END. This challenging and entertaining trivia game will test your knowledge and engage how you think through some fun problem-solving. Answer questions in four mind-challenging categories as you work your way to the center of the board. Think laterally and wrap your mind around a TEASER, deduce the ODD-1-OUT, figure out the SEQUENCE, or try your luck in the WILD CARD category. The questions are packed with riddles and brain teasers on history, current affairs, popular culture, geography, science, arts and more. So think hard and have fun being at your Wit’s End!


DRINK-A-PALOOZA is the best party game for adults and the best adult board game that mixes everyone’s favorite college games into one competition. Your game night just hit a new level with this interactive board game for adults. We eliminated the need for a large Ping-Pong table and created the perfect housewarming gifts and party supplies. Get the board game party started with DRINK-A-PALOOZA at your own home or take it to your buddy’s place. “More Fun Than One Night Can Handle” DRINK-A-PALOOZA is the only party game created to prove your social and gaming skills. One of the best ideas on our list: Best Adult Birthday Party Games.

OUR MOMENTS Couples: 100 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters 

  • Quality time – for you and your partner – Enjoy date night in a completely new way. This toy for couples is a sure-fire way to get the sparks flying between you two! It will get you out of your comfort zone and remind you why you are together in the first place.
  • Couples who make time for each other, stay together – It’s important that your relationship is both mental and physical and one definitely leads to the other. Nothing could be sexier than showing your partner you care and you can do that just by asking a question and listening to the answer.
  • Learn about each other – Whether it’s a first date or you’ve been together for years. Interact with your partner and get closer than ever. Games add joy to life and relieve stress and we could all do with some of that.

Utter Nonsense Naughty Edition

Players combine silly, crazy or edgy accents with funny phrases to create sayings that are just plain ridiculous! Each round features one accent, and each player must read one of their Phrase Cards in said accent. The Nonsense Judge picks their favorite to win that round! You don’t have to be good at accents to play—have fun with it and be silly to make the phrases your own! It’s a fun, laugh-out-loud game for the whole family! For 4 to 20 players, ages 17+.

HOT SEAT: The Party Game That’s All About You

  • Find out who your friends are – Hear the stories they were hoping everyone forgot
  • Discover who knows you best – All players answer pretending to be you when you’re in the Hot Seat
  • Play again and again – Answers change depending on the friends you’re playing with
  • 200 Questions | 3 – 10+ Players | Ages 10+

Quickwits Party Card Game

  • QUICKWITS CARD GAME: Fast-paced adult party game that is sure to have you and your friends shouting out hilarious answers. There is a very good chance you will be screaming in each other’s faces. It’s okay, that’s normal. There are several other types of cards in the deck that help keep the game interesting.
  • EASY TO LEARN: Quickwits is easy to learn (in any state) and turns unexpectedly dirty faster than you think. When 2 symbols on the table match, the player’s race to give examples of the category on their opponent’s card. The first to do so gets to keep that card. Just think faster and shout louder than your friends to win!
  • ADULT THEMES: There are some adult themes so you may not want to play with grandma. Gather some friends at a party, BBQ, or birthday and challenge them to a rowdy game that requires speed and a little bit of imagination!

Disturbed Friends – This party game should be banned.

  • The Worst Game Ever Made
  • 250 disturbing questions and 100 offensive cartoon #WINNING cards
  • A party card game you will wish you never played
  • Vote on what you think your friends will do in horrible situations
  • Includes game rules and voting cards for up to 10 players

Circle of Jerks – The Party Game for Inappropriate Adults

Circle of Jerks is a wildly-fun, competitive card game that forces players to yell inappropriate terms that they’re either too ashamed to know or too scared to shout! At the end, there is a winner, a loser and everyone in-between. An ideal gift and card game to bring along to your next game night, bachelorette party or drinking outing! Brought to you by PlayFore : The Pre-Game Company.

Tipsy Tower Drinking Game – 54 Blocks

  • THE ULTIMATE BLOCK STACKING PARTY GAME: Tipsy Tower is the perfect party game twist. 35 games in one, this tower will get the whole party going! Perfect for college parties, pregames, happy hours, bachelorettes, bachelor parties, bars, game nights. Even great for regular board game nights – NO DRINKING REQUIRED!
  • 54 BLOCKS OVER 35 UNIQUE RULES & GAMES: One of over the 35+ unique games and rules are printed on each of 54 blocks (one on each) for a new experience every time. Included are some of the best classics: storytime, moose, make a rule, in combination with some brand new ones: god, most likely to, nicknames, truth or dare. Makes every game different!
  • EVERYTHING NEEDED INCLUDED + FREE PLASTIC SLEEVE: High-quality box with instructions printed right on it for easy transport. No more losing the instruction book! Extra included plastic sleeve for easy set up so you can play over and over again!

Scrawl: the Adult Party Game Where Innocent Doodles Turn Dirty

  • The deranged doodling adult party game, where bad drawers make great scrawlers
  • Pick one of 240 loaded phrases, doodle it and pass it on
  • By the time it gets back to you, things will have gone horribly wrong
  • Reveal the journey your drawing went on; points for funniest doodles and guesses
  • Age 17 and above, 4 to 8 players

Never Have I Ever | Adult Party Drinking Game

  • Why should you play this game? You get to hang with friends, pour some drinks, and laugh away your biggest regrets! Never Have I Ever is the best game out there to keep your party rolling all night long. Roll the die, answer the crazy questions (truthfully), and celebrate that your friends are just as wild and crazy as you are!
  • Finally: a party game where your worst life decisions pay off. Each new card in Never Has I Ever offers a hilarious opportunity to learn about the people you THOUGHT you knew best… and to be REWARDED for the dumbest things you’ve ever done!
  • Uncover funny stories, hidden secrets, and romantic desires as you play this classic party game with your friends, fraternity brothers, and sorority sisters.
  • Inside this box are hundreds of cards, custom-designed to provoke laughter and wild conversations. Just follow the simple rules and check your shame at the door!

KinderPerfect – The Hilarious Parents Party Card Game

  • Last idea on the list – Best Adult Birthday Party Games.
  • KinderPerfect is the new adult party card game for awesome parents inspired by Cards Against Humanity and too much wine.
  • 400 CARDS – Laugh at the challenges of parenthood with 400 hilarious cards crowdsourced from actual parents, and rock your adult game nights
  • ADULT GAME NIGHT – About kids, but designed for parents. Mix with Cards Against Humanity to add spice to your next get-together and ensure at least one parent is embarrassed afterward.
  • MOMS NIGHT OUT – Kinder Perfect is edgier than Apples to Apples, easier to learn than Exploding Kittens, and more family-friendly than Joking Hazard.

More ideas – Best Adult Birthday Party Games

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