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The travel blog I love Croatia started 3 years ago as a very simple blog documenting my travels, but since then it has become a rich source of advice and other information, especially for tourists traveling to Croatia. For me traveling is about learning about somebody and something else, it’s about broadening my mind and being more open to experiences and ideas. Let’s start exploring the blog I love Croatia!


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Latest Travel News

Find the latest travel and tourism news from Croatia. With almost 80 million tourist nights and 17 million arrivals, Croatia is among the top 20 tourist countries in the world. The numbers sound incredible considering that Croatia has only 4 million inhabitants. Read older articles of I love Croatia on the Travel News page.

Featured Travel Guides

Comprehensive guides that tackle most of the things you need to know about specific destinations. Each travel guide contains information on What to visit, Where to eat & drink, Information about events and festivals, Weather information, Where to stay, One-day trips, and much more. Also included are tour suggestions, flight and hotel recommendations, travel tips, and frequently asked questions. Our suggested travel guides are Split Travel Guide, Zagreb Travel Guide, Osijek Travel Guide, and 2 more who are not from Croatia: Berlin Travel Guide, and Rotterdam Travel Guide. For a full list of I love Croatia Travel Guides, visit the Destinations page.

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Latest Travel Posts

Read my most recent travel blog posts including destinations from around the world. The I love Croatia blog focuses on promoting Croatian tourism and destinations, so you will find the most articles about that country. But sometimes we travel and explore other cities and countries and bring you interesting stories.