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Studying abroad is an exotic that would be hard to decide. However, getting to know a new culture and new people, teaching in another language are just some of the advantages. Given the rich history, architecture, social life, etc., Croatia is becoming more and more interesting to foreign students. You will find more information by continuing the Study in Croatia Guide.

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Scholarships to Study Abroad in Croatia - Study in Croatia

Scholarships to Study Abroad in Croatia

What is the best place to study abroad in Croatia?

What is the best place to study abroad in Croatia?

Essentials tips

39.3% of students are enrolled at the University of Zagreb, 11.8% at the University of Split, 10.5% at the University of Osijek, and 10.0% at the University of Rijeka.

Number of students – 155k
Public Universities – 8
First university – Zadar (1396.)
Higher education institutions – 131
Private higher education institution – 32

How to apply?

Since the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union, full-time students who are citizens of the Member States of the European Union (EU students) have the same rights to access education as students who are citizens of the Republic of Croatia. Therefore, foreign students pay the same amount of tuition as students who are citizens of the Republic of Croatia.

Foreign citizens are required to pass a standardized Croatian language test at level B2 (citizens of EU Member States and citizens of third countries) before enrolling in the first or second year of undergraduate or graduate study. The tests are held in Zagreb. The instructions for applying for the Croatian language exam at the B2 level can be found at Postani Student website or Nacionalni centar za vanjsko vrednovanje obrazovanja.

ERASMUS STUDENTS The possibility of exchange depends on the cooperation between the university where you study and the university in Croatia where you want to come. Most often the application consists of Curriculum vitae, Diploma, Transcript of grades, Statement of purpose, Two references of members of the home higher education institution, Certificate of knowledge of the Croatian language (for study programs in Croatian).


Student accommodation & Living Information

In the student guides below, find out more information about dormitory accommodation and private accommodation. Also, find website links for the best online marketplace for booking student accommodation or most popular Facebook groups. Each guide has a detailed description of all dormitories and prices. Start exploring Study in Croatia Guide by clicking on the article.

Health Insurance & Medical Care

All residents of Croatia must have public insurance through HZZO (Croatian Health Insurance Institute). If you choose not to use it or if you choose to use private insurance, you will have to pay. The whole system is based on the principles of solidarity and reciprocity. It is expected that people contribute according to their ability to pay.

Every month, most citizens pay for health insurance except for certain groups such as children under the age of 18, children with dependents who are unable to live and work independently, people with residency in Croatia that are incapable of independent living, family members of the dead or missing members of the Croatian Armed Forces and invalids of the Croatian Armed Forces.

There are three types of health insurance in Croatia:

  • Public basic health insurance
  • Public or private supplementary health insurance
  • Private supplementary health insurance

IMPORTANT Persons who, during their stay in Croatia, have compulsory health insurance in another EU / EEA Member State or in one of the countries with which Croatia has signed an international agreement on social insurance which regulates the use of health care (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Turkey), use health care to the extent determined by European legal regulations, ie international agreements, but in the same way, as HZZO insured persons.


Study in Croatia – Social Life

Social life in Croatia is quite rich, which often surprises foreigners. Most events and manifestations are held in Zagreb (a city with almost a quarter of the Croatian population). The most famous party destination for young people is Zrće, which has been listed among the 10 best European party destinations for years.

Croatians like to go out for a drink and coffee and relax in the company of their closest friends. They are known for being hospitable and kind. Also, Croats are usually very close to their families and like to spend time with family.

Money & Bank Accounts

First of all, everyone who is in the process of registering their residence must have a bank account in Croatia. To open a bank account, you must be registered at the address (with proof from the Police or an identity card) and have an OIB identification number. A very interesting fact is that if you have any debt in Croatia, the government will take it out of your bank account without warning. Listed below are banks that offer student bank accounts.

Working in Croatia as student

Until January 2020, foreign students could not work while studying in Croatia. However, the law changed. Working in Croatia is possible for all students who attend some of the studies at higher education institutions in Croatia. It also includes foreign students who come from outside the European Union and internationally protected students, as well as exchange students who came to study in Croatia.

Where to find a student job? The list below contains the most important links.

My Internship Experience

While my study in Croatia, I went on a student internship 3 times in 3 different countries outside Croatia. The last one was in 2019 when I was in Rotterdam. First of all, gaining work experience as a student is the key to increasing your employability. However, there are many other benefits such as learning a foreign language, getting to know different cultures, various trips where you have never been, etc.

Explore student cities

If you are coming to study in Croatia or do an internship, you have certainly not yet decided what to visit, start researching the articles below. Each city is special, but most foreign students still choose cities on the sea like Rijeka, Zadar, Split or Dubrovnik.

However, it is my opinion that Zagreb gives you the most opportunities and the best student life. If you have questions for me, you can contact me via the Contact me page. For more information, click on the Study in Croatia Guide article below.

Quizzes about Croatia

How well do you know Croatia? Quizzes about Croatia will help you learn many new things you didn’t know about Croatia until now! So let’s start now and good luck!

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