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Scholarships to Study Abroad in Croatia

If you are looking for scholarships to study in Croatia, in this article you will find out everything you need. There are various scholarships to study abroad in Croatia but the most famous is definitely the Erasmus + program. More information below!

Erasmus+ and Erasmus Mundus

The most popular student exchange program in the European Union. I have been 2 times on the Erasmus internship. First time in Germany and the second time in the Netherlands (my first article the new experience and benefits of this program: “My first working day in the Netherlands as an architect“).

With the Erasmus + program, you receive a scholarship every month. The amount of the scholarship depends on whether you are going to study or do an internship. If you go to study then it is usually between 400-500 euros per month while for an internship it is about 100 euros more. Your home university determines the exact amount according to the guidelines of the European Commission. As an Erasmus + student, you are exempt from paying tuition at the host university.

The conditions for student exchange are prescribed in bilateral agreements between universities. This means that if you want to apply for Erasmus + to study in Croatia, you will be a guest student at a partner university with which your home university has signed an Erasmus + contract. If you go to an internship, the procedure is a little easier, but you have to find an employer in the country where you want to work. If you need advice or help, feel free to email me.

Erasmus + provides scholarships for periods of study and internship abroad for three to twelve months (study only) or for two to twelve months (internship only). At each stage of your studies, you have the opportunity for a total of twelve months of Erasmus + funding.

MORE INFORMATION – European Commission website

CEEPUS Scholarships

CEEPUS is a Central European exchange program for university studies. The program began on December 1, 1994, while Croatia signed the CEEPUS Agreement in 1995. In addition to Croatia, the following countries traditionally participate in the program: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia.

Mobility categories – The program consists of a total of four categories, depending on the category of scholarship recipients and the purpose of mobility. The first is students who want to achieve semester mobility (duration of this type of mobility at least three months). The second is short-term students who want to achieve mobility for the purpose of research for the final work/dissertation (the minimum duration of this type of mobility is one month). The third is the teacher, where the teaching staff applies for the purpose of holding classes / mentoring work in the host institution and developing inter-university cooperation. And the last is a short-term excursion for participants of short group mobility (for example, summer schools).

Each country determines the amounts of scholarships for each category. Also, each country determines rights such as free accommodation, subsidized meals, health insurance, etc. Scholarships depend on the standard of living in each country and must be sufficient for mobility needs.

MORE INFORMATION – The Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes (AMEUP)
MORE INFORMATION – Official website of CEEPUS

Zagreb School of Economics and Management Scholarship Programs

The Zagreb School of Economics and Management gives a scholarship to new students for the undergraduate study of Business Analytics. The criteria for the scholarship are the average grades in high school, the average grades in mathematics in high school, and the results on the exam of Zagreb School of Economics and Management. Find more about this scholarship and other information by clicking on one of the following links!

Undergraduate Scholarships

MBA Scholarships

Bilateral cooperation

This mobility scheme is based on bilateral agreements, exchange programs, and other implementation acts of the Republic of Croatia. Each year a limited number of scholarships are awarded through bilateral programs for Croatian citizens abroad and for international students and researchers at Croatian higher education and scientific institutions.

MORE INFORMATION – Study in Croatia website

University bilateral agreements

Last on the list “Scholarships to Study Abroad in Croatia. Most Croatian higher education institutions have a significant number of bilateral agreements (30 to 90 per higher education institution) with foreign higher education institutions. Prospective students should visit the web sites of their home universities and check if they have bilateral cooperation agreements with any of Croatian higher education institutions. If such cooperation exists, their home university will publish a competition announcement for available study programs at Croatian higher education institutions. 

MORE INFORMATION – Study in Croatia website

Scholarships to Study Abroad in Croatia GUIDE

I hope I helped you with scholarships to Study Abroad in Croatia. First of all, studying abroad is an exotic that would be hard to decide. However, getting to know a new culture and new people, teaching in another language are just some of the advantages. Given the rich history, architecture, social life, etc., Croatia is becoming more and more interesting to foreign students. You will find more information by reading the Study in Croatia Guide.

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