As a student in Croatia, I would like to help everyone who is coming first time in Split. Are you coming to study or you are just an exchange student, one of the first things you have to do is find a place to stay. Student accommodation in Split is every year more and more expensive, and the biggest problem is the lack of student dorms. From the point of view that Split is a tourist city, most apartments are rented up to the start of the tourist season.

Student accommodation in split

Apartments – Private accommodation

One of the options is to rent a furnished studio apartment. There are many websites offering rentals for individuals and groups, and the most popular is njuš The average price for a single person studio costs from 200 euros per month plus additional charges like electricity, water, etc. My recommendation is if you didn’t get a room in a student dorm and decide to seek an apartment, look for something near the centre or Diocletian’s Palace.

That’s what I did this year. I found an apartment in Diocletian’s Palace. Though this apartment costs over 250 euros per day during the tourist season, during the winter we got it for only 400€ per month plus additional charges. For the location and ambience of the old town, It is more than cheap. Of course, If you are not coming to Split alone, renting apartments will be much more cost-effective with some of your friends.

Halls of Residence – Dorms

Student dorms are the cheapest solution for students who want to live in Split. Moreover, it is very likely if you are a student who has just arrived in split to feel comfortable living with other students and friends. Split currently has 3 student dorms. Unfortunately, the demand is much higher than the capacity itself. Nevertheless, the planning process is a new building with bigger capacities. The largest and newest dorm is the dorm of Dr. Franjo Tudman, located within of student campus. The monthly rental cost is only 100 euros including additional charges for a shared room with one another roommate.

A student dorm has a large student Menza, a sports hall, a gym, many playgrounds, and many other facilities. l lived in that dorm for 3 years and my opinion is that the biggest advantage is living close to all student faculties. It could be a great advantage for anyone who doesn’t like to wake up very early. The other 2 dorms are located in another part of Split called Spinut. Currently, the dorm called Bruno Bušič is in the process of restoration. The biggest advantage of these two student dorms is actually the distance of the sea which is only 50 m. Also, the accommodation is near the park of Marjan (find more about the park on the link here).

Your decision about student accommodation in Split?

Now it’s your turn to decide about student accommodation in Split. Of course, if you have any questions or suggestions or offer accommodation feel free to comment!


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