Is Zagreb safe for a living and for travel?

Is Zagreb safe for a living and for travel?

 Is Zagreb safe for a living? I would say that Zagreb is very safe. Probably one of the safest European capitals. There are no gangs or organized crime groups in the city, and the overall crime rate is low. If you are interested in crime statistics, you can check below. The children walk to school alone. They also ride bikes both day and night and parents don’t care about them at all. In general, people feel safe enough to walk alone at night in every part of the city.

Is Zagreb safe for tourists?

The answer to this question is definitely yes. Zagreb is still not a big tourist destination like cities on the sea. Specifically, tourism started to develop only a few years ago. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy and be safe near all the most important tourist attractions. Purse thefts are rare. Most Croats speak some foreign languages (mostly English and German) and will help you in case of necessity. Older people speak foreign languages poorly, but if you need any information, Croats in their 20s or 30s will certainly help you. Zagreb has almost no refugees or any other people that some would consider dangerous.

Crime Index of Zagreb – 22

On the Numbeo website, you can check the security in any city in the world (link). According to their data, Zagreb has a Crime Index 22.17, which ranks it among the cities with low levels of crime. Cities with less than 20 are considered very low, between 20 and 40 as low, between 40 and 60 as moderate, between 60 and 80 as high and at the end of the crime level more than 80 as very high. These are:

Crime rates in Croatia

  • Level of crime – 15.71 (Very Low)
  • Crime increasing in the past 3 years – 43.39 (Moderate)
  • Worries home broken and things stolen – 19.85 (Very Low)
  • Worries being mugged or robbed – 14.19 (Very Low)
  • Worries car stolen – 15.45 (Very Low)
  • Worries things from car stolen – 21.11 (Low)
  • Worries attacked – 16.02 (Very Low)
  • Worries being insulted – 18.05 (Very Low)
  • Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion – 16.62 (Very Low)
  • Problem people using or dealing drugs – 24.54 (Low)
  • Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft – 27.40 (Low)
  • Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery – 18.30 (Very Low)
  • Problem corruption and bribery – 67.91 (High)

Safety in Croatia

  • Safety walking alone during daylight – 93.12 (Very High)
  • Safety walking alone during night – 80.01 (Very High)

Conclusion – Is Zagreb safe for a living?

My answer is yes. Croatians spend a lot on safety and security, no wonder this is a very safe country and Zagreb is among the safest of all.

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Source: (30.08.2020.)

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