Is Rotterdam safe for a living?

Is Rotterdam safe for a living?

Like anywhere in the world, staying in a bigger city means that security is getting smaller. This is also the case in Rotterdam. The city is the second-largest by population and the second-largest by the number of crimes in the Netherlands. During my four months of life in Rotterdam, I have never felt unsafe. In general, the Netherlands is considered to be a safe country, especially compared to neighbors in southern Europe where the crime rate is higher. Is Rotterdam safe for a living?

Crime Index of Rotterdam – 36

On the Numbeo website, you can check the security in any city in the world (link). According to their data, Rotterdam has a Crime Index 36, which ranks it among the cities with low levels of crime. Cities with less than 20 are considered very low, between 20 and 40 as low, between 40 and 60 as moderate, between 60 and 80 as high and at the end of the crime level more than 80 as very high. Of course, in some segments, the number increases and exceeds 40 in Rotterdam. These are:

  • Level of crime – 38.45 (Low)
  • Crime increasing in the past 3 years – 43.93 (Moderate)
  • Worries home broken and things stolen – 32.70 (Low)
  • Problem people using or dealing drugs – 42.93 (Moderate)
  • Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft – 46.50 (Moderate)

For comparison, the same crime index in Amsterdam is 33, The Hague 28 and Eindhoven just 26.

Personal security

General security throughout the day in most areas of the city is safe. But at night, some areas in the south of Rotterdam, it would be better to avoid. There are districts of the city such as Rotterdam-Zuid or Charlois. Also, it is recommended to avoid wearing a football jersey of Ajax Amsterdam or any other items that promote Ajax or Amsterdam.

Conclusion – Is Rotterdam safe for a living?

My answer is yes. If you think that security is one of the most important things when moving to Rotterdam, then I would recommend that you try to find accommodation in one of the suburbs of the city such as Barendrecht.

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