Is it safe to travel to Croatia? Crime Index of Croatia

Is it safe to travel to Croatia?

Is it safe to travel to Croatia? The answer is YES! Sometimes tourists ask me what is happening with the war in Croatia. Actually, the war ended more than 30 years ago. According to data from 2020, Croatia is the 49th richest country in the world! Foreign citizens who come to live in Croatia point out that security is one of the things they value most in that country. It was inconceivable to many people in their countries that they could walk the streets at night without fearing for their safety. You don’t have to be afraid in Croatia!

Crime Index of Croatia – 24

On the Numbeo website, you can check the security in any city or country in the world (link). According to their data, Croatia has a Crime Index 24.58, which ranks it among the cities with low levels of crime. Cities and countries with less than 20 are considered very low, between 20 and 40 as low, between 40 and 60 as moderate, between 60 and 80 as high and at the end of the crime level more than 80 as very high.

Crime rates in Croatia

  • Level of crime – 18.13 (Very Low)
  • Crime increasing in the past 3 years – 46.93 (Moderate)
  • Worries home broken and things stolen – 21.50 (Low)
  • Worries being mugged or robbed – 16.24 (Very Low)
  • Worries car stolen – 16.33 (Very Low)
  • Worries things from car stolen – 23.34 (Low)
  • Worries attacked – 18.70 (Very Low)
  • Worries being insulted – 21.03 (Low)
  • Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion – 18.66 (Very Low)
  • Problem people using or dealing drugs – 29.74 (Low)
  • Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft – 30.47 (Low)
  • Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery – 19.38 (Very Low)
  • Problem corruption and bribery – 68.75 (High)

Safety in Croatia

  • Safety walking alone during daylight – 90.39 (Very High)
  • Safety walking alone during night – 77.15 (High)

Are we safe from terrorist attacks?

Croatia is a safe country, but if we are talking about terrorism, there is a certain level of general danger. The fact that Croatia is a member of Euro-Atlantic organizations means that it is a target. There is no country in the world that is safe from terrorism today. Only the Eskimos and the inhabitants of the Tongan archipelago are safe.

Travel Risk Map by International SOS and Control risk website

In terms of security, Croatia is rated as a low-risk country, according to the International SOS and Control risk website. The map of International SOS, designed by medical and safety experts, shows the current risk ratings of all countries in an overview. You can find the map here.

  • ROAD SAFETY RISK <10 (Mortality rate per 100 000 population)

Conclusion – Is it safe to travel to Croatia?

If you think that security is one of the most important things when moving to Croatia (or traveling), then I think you don’t need to worry so much. In 2018, Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković highlighted security as one of the key advantages of Croatia for those who visit it. He also praised the police for reducing crime. The city of Samobor has the lowest rate of violence, drug abuse, and traffic accidents in Croatia. The highest rate is in the city of Split. I hope I helped you find the answer to the question – Is it safe to travel to Croatia?

I hope you got enough information by reading the article “Is it safe to travel to Croatia?″.  Discover the most beautiful and interesting sights in Croatia. Find, compare, and book sightseeing tours, attractions, excursions, things to do, and fun activities.

Source: (15.08.2020.)

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