Two days trip from Split to Dubrovnik during the winter season

Two days trip from Split to Dubrovnik during the winter season

After successfully passing exams at the faculty, I had a lot of time for planning a vacation. Since February was above average warm we decided to stay in Croatia. The decision was to visit our nicest pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik. I have heard many times that people say that during the wintertime Croatia has nothing to offer but I never agreed. Actually, I think this is the only time you can enjoy Dubrovnik. Do you know the reason? The city is almost without tourists. Also, temperatures around 20 degrees during the day are perfect for exploring the city. Two days trip from Split to Dubrovnik is one of my favorite trips.


View on Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik, Croatia

My starting point is Split. The easiest way to reach Dubrovnik is definitely the bus. The ride takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes during which you will have to pass through Bosnia and Herzegovina (prepare passports/ID cards). Fortunately, the construction of the Peljesac Bridge will soon be completed, connecting that part of Croatia with the rest. During the bus ride, we went through some other worthwhile visits such as Omiš or Ston. Airline travel is not recommended because it is too expensive and time-almost the same.

Accommodations overlooking the Dubrovnik walls

Two days trip from Split to Dubrovnik during the winter season

It was February. The beginning of the season is still far away, so getting the accommodation was a very easy task. Specifically, we found an apartment near the Dubrovnik walls, in the very centre. The biggest advantage is that prices are at least twice less than in July or August.

Climbing to Fort Lovrijenac

View of Fort Lovrijenac St. Lawrence Fortress on top of a steep cliff and the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Our first attraction. Fort Lawrence has become one of the most popular gathering places for fans of the series Game of Thrones in the last few years. I stopped watching after the second season so I was more interested in the history of this place. When the residents of Dubrovnik heard that they might be attacked by powerful Venice, they came up with the idea of building a 12-meter thick wall on a cliff high 37 meters high. They thought they would successfully create the illusion that it is the fortress that defends the city. After they successfully escape the invasion, they completed the fortress. The entrance costs 100 kunas and the price includes a tour of the Dubrovnik walls.

Walk down the street Stradun

Stradun street during winter time, Dubrovnik, Croatia

During the summer season, it is difficult to find any local residents in the crowd of tourists, but at this time of year is a completely different situation. Many of the people of Dubrovnik after the Sunday Mass in the church of St Blaise’s Church (Crkva sv. Vlaha) filled cafes in the city center. The feeling is amazing when you’re surrounded by local people in the center of the city such as Dubrovnik.

Also, people are increasingly complaining about a big increase in the number of apartments over the last 10 years. But also to a growing number of ATMs in the old city center (currently there are 37 of the latest data from June 2019). The reason is that Stradun was never just an ordinary street. It’s a city mirror. My opinion is that today Stradun Street is missing authentic Croatian products as it once had.

Walk on the Dubrovnik walls

A grand entrance to the Old Town of Dubrovnik

About 1.3 million visitors visited the city walls in Dubrovnik in 2018. It really is a huge number considering the size of this city. Of course, since we were in Dubrovnik during the wintertime, we were rare visitors that day. Only 10 people we met on a tour that lasted over two hours. In principle, anyone who comes to Dubrovnik usually visits the Dubrovnik Walls. However, did you hear about Split Walls? The city is full of tourists, but literally, no one knows that the walls of Diocletian’s Palace can be visited at all. Read my impressions on my first visit to them here.

The view from hill Srđ is delightful

Two days trip from Split to Dubrovnik during the winter season

The place that offers the most beautiful view of the city. If you are visiting hill Srđ, I recommend you to arrive at the sunset because the place provides one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Conclusion of two days trip from Split to Dubrovnik

It was a great experience to visit the famous city walls of Dubrovnik and look around the old city. Can’t wait to go back and don’t forget – visit this city outside of the tourist season. Highly recommended!!!

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