If you are visiting Dubrovnik it would be a pity not to climb to the hill Srđ from where you have one of the most beautiful views on the city of Dubrovnik. That’s why this place has become the inevitable tourist attraction of every tourist who is coming to the city. If you are visiting hill Srđ, I recommend you to arrive at the sunset because the place provides one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

The top of the hill can be reached via the newly-restored Cable car which takes only 4 minutes drive. Not so long ago, more precisely in 2010, Dubrovnik got back again the cable car because during the Serbian aggression in the Croatian War of Independence it was destroyed. In addition, the first cable car was opened in 1969. Also, the top of the hill can be reached by car on small, curving roads.

Dubrovnik guide city Summer cable car

Except for the spectacular views at the top, there is also a restaurant with panoramic views, a souvenir shop and an amphitheater who can be rented. A little further behind this new tourist complex is the fortress Imperial with a very rich history. After the introduction of war cannons, the French who ruled the city at the beginning of the 19th century decided to build a fortress to protect the city from the north. It was built by Auguste Marmont, who was well-known for building one of the most famous streets in Split, today’s Marmont Street. After the French rule, Austrians continued to build their fortress, which continued with the upgrading and strengthening of the walls. The last major damage of the fortress happened during the Croatian War of Independence, but the Army of Serbia and Montenegro has never won the fortress. The biggest number of attacks happened on December 6, 1991.

Cross with altar on the hill above Dubrovnik, Croatia

These events from the Croatian War of Independence are the theme of the museum which is situated inside of the fortress. The story is told through both, film and exhibitions which are in Croatian and English.

This place is absolutely worth visiting and you will surely remember it for your entire life.

Aerial view of the old town, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Aerial view West Dubrovnik Lapad
Hill Srđ Dubrovnik
Hill Srđ Dubrovnik
Giant christian white stone cross at the hill above Dubrovnik
Hill Srđ Dubrovnik

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