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Oš kolač, the best cakes in the city of Split

If you love sweet and you love innovation, then the pastry shop Oš kolač is the right place for you. The offer filled with home-made pastries and cakes is a work one of the most famous young pastry chefs in Croatia. Her name is Tea Mamut and she graduated in the prestigious culinary academy in New York: The Culinary Institute of America. She found inspiration in the ingredients of the pastries, which combines very carefully to obtain a perfect combination.

Pastry shop Oš kolač Split
Two cakes on dark table. Top view

Excellent homemade cakes

The name of the cakes will surely be strange to you. All of them have the names they got by the accent of Split City. One of my favourite pastries definitely is Štorija’o palačinki. They have absolutely wonderful selection of homemade sweets and cakes. The offer varies depending on the season of fresh fruits of local producers. The cakes which are always in the offer are Štorija o’ palačinki, Zdravka i Torta o’sira, and cakes: Šinjorina malina, Šjor limun, Buža, Pari krempita, Barba Čičak, Čikolata and Tonka.

Most popular: Štorija'o palačinki
Pastry shop Oš kolač Split

Oš kolač is a super nice, small and cosy place

Calming interior design with not so many details actually makes you look only at cakes. The interior of the store itself is very small and this is the main disadvantage. On the other side, the interiour is beautifully decorated. Actually, the interior has a warm, hostile atmosphere, but refreshed with modern details. Maybe the most interesting detail is the ceiling with detail of local lace. In general, the whole interior is oddly decorated with pastel colours. Also, during nice days you have the opportunity to stay outside on 2 benches.

Old bike decoration with flower

Oš kolač – Best cakes in Split

I have visited Oš kolač for at least 10 times and I’m always happy to come back. Also, I would like also to mention very friendly waitresses who always came to me with a smile. I particularly note this is quality because I often encounter staff who have no patience or knowledge of what they are selling.

Pastry shop Oš kolač Split
Pastry shop Oš kolač Split
Pastry shop Oš kolač Split
Pastry shop Oš kolač Split

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