Coming the spring and in the warmer days, we are looking for places in a city of Split with outdoor seating and drinking coffee. One of them is the next one. Just 10 minutes walk from the Diocletian’s Palace is situated a Restaurant Perivoj. The most important part of the restaurant is a park or perivoj, a green oasis with aromatic Mediterranean plants, palm trees, cypress, roses, etc. In the middle of the park, there is a large stone fountain with golden fish of white stone.

Perivoj Split
Ferrero kolač

Before, the house was a family villa designed by architect Kamil Tončić in 1922. The house was built in the spirit of the Secession. The most interesting faces are definitely south-facing, which features a glazed veranda, various reliefs, stone pillars, etc. The interior is very small, but interesting because it has details of the original interior from the twentieth century.

Restaurant Perivoj Split

I always stop here for a cup of coffee and cakes. My favorite cake is tiramisu. The choice of cakes is not so big, but all offered are very tasty. If you are coming for lunch, I would like to recommend that you take a three-course meal. The price for one person is just 100 kuna. The offer of dishes is mostly Mediterranean although during the last visit we saw a featured offer of pizzas. On TripAdvisor, they received a great rating of 4.5 (link).

Kolač od kestena

The staff is very professional (had high knowledge about the food and wine) and pleasant. During beautiful sunny and warm days, it is definitely a place you have to visit. At the same time here you will be protected from city noise as well as having the opportunity to eat something delicious. I love to come here every month with my family or friends.

Restaurant Perivoj Split

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