Only a 10-minute walk away from the center of Split, there is a small park very unknown to the public as well as tourists. There is a lighthouse Pomorac, a tomb of an unknown seaman, while above it there is a truncated stone relief of seafarers in the battle with the waves. Author of relief is Andrija Krstulović.

Tomb of unknown seaman Split

The lighthouse called Pomorac is a 35.50 meters tall with reinforced concrete structure tower. Rectangular ground floor measuring 1.8x4m. From the narrow side it’s covered with smooth stones plates, and from the wider side is perforated with round glass elements (a total of two larger planes has 5,792 glass prisms). The slender vertical lighthouse is in contrast to the horizontal format of the plastic landscape, both laid on the natural setting of the steep slope of the hill over the sea.

Lighthouse Pomorac Split Andrija Krstulović
Lighthouse Pomorac Split
He got hit by a grenade from the Yugoslav Navy's warship

The lighthouse was in operation until 1991. That year he got hit by a grenade from the Yugoslav Navy’s warship. The navy of the state who built this monument. Until 2013, the monument was completely devastated and rusty. That year the whole complex was protected as a cultural asset and completely restored. Unfortunately, during our visit on the top of the lighthouse, we saw the antennae of mobile operators. Although it is difficult to notice it, somehow it ruins the beauty of the whole lighthouse. Lighthouse Pomorac is designed by Ivan Carić and Paško Kuzmanić.

Lighthouse Pomorac Split

Maybe the biggest advantage of this place is the sea view itself. Along the edge of the sea, there is a pair of benches who is perfect for relaxation. Also from there is possible to see a new part of the Split harbour. Currently empty but when tourist season starts it will be full. Definitely, if you have free time during your vacation in Split, we recommend visiting that place.

Port or Harbour in Split, Croatia
View of open dark blue sea with Italy in the background

More nautical data about lighthouse Pomorac you can find on the link (here).


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