Shopping centers are becoming the centers of our social life. However, you will very rarely have a wish to relax and drink coffee in the shopping center. Cinema bar in the Mall of Split is a complete contrast. The ambiance and the interior of this place will please you and we are sure that this place will become a favorite spot of the local people.

The interior space of Cinema Bar is filled with elements that bring us back to the past centuries. A combination of film scene and modernity. Since I am an architect, I was delighted with the design of the Bauhaus from the beginning of the last century in the use of the lighting and the shelves with the books. We can also see the products of Le Corbusier who is widely considered to be the most important architect of the 20th century and the products of Andy Warhol with the elements of the Pop art movement. Simply, the entire interior is full of details of the film, architecture, graphic and literature that are incorporated into a complete design.

Cinema Bar Split Cinestar
A wall of iconic film posters

A bar is a part of the cinema called Cinemax 4dx, which is considered as the most modern cinema in this part of Croatia. I will mention that in the passage to the cinema there is a trail of famous actors in Split modeled on the Hollywood trail. It contains names of best Split actors who have contributed to Croatian cinematography.

Cinema Bar Split Cinestar quote
Cinema Bar Split Cinestar

The offer of a bar is not much different from the offer of other local bars. I would like only point that in wish to follow the concept of the Cinema bar itself, the offer was made with popcorns and hasty nachos. Frankly, during every visit to this place, I could not resist not to order popcorns. The only bad thing is that they are not available at a time when the cinema is not open.

Cinema Bar Split Cinestar
Eames Lounge Chair Zwart Leer, Walnoot Hout
CineStar 4DXTM Mall of Split Wins Prestigious ICTA Award

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