The continuity of life within the walls of Diocletian’s Palace is not only reflected in the historical styles but also in the presence of everyday life. It is unbelievable that 1700 years, people live continuously within the walls. Within that old historical core, it’s hard to don’t notice one modern building. More precisely on Peristyle is situated one of the most important buildings for modern architecture in Split. The author of the building is Neven Šegvić.

Commercial and residential building by architect Neven Šegvić (1965.)

A building is located at the intersection of cardo and decumanus. The house of Aglić-Mrkonjić (located at the location before) was demolished during the Second World War by bombardment. This is why the composite format of the Peristyle is disturbed (his open space comes to expression because of the narrow streets of the Diocletian Palace), and by rebuilding Neven Šegvić wanted to preserve the whole atmosphere of the square.

After several variants of the project, Neven Šegvić proposed a building that is trying to reconcile with the surrounding historic building. The new building authentically affirms the contemporary spatial concept and design. The measured pitch and cubicity of the building with smaller openings on the facade and sloping roof respect the scale and authority of the surrounding historic building. Openings without profiling and steel columns are elements that indicate the time of building. The facade of smoothly brushed stone panels slightly inflates the clarity of the initial approach and indicates a tactile correlation with the context.

On the glazed ground floor of the building, there is a Roman tiling and pylon corner of the building. On this building, you can see the connection with the architect Alfred Albini (the one-sided roof and their slope, the sloping groove, the sharp edge of the corner plane, a full surface of the facade).


I am a 24 years old architect based in Split. Passion for photography has grown steadily when I was traveling all around the world trying to capture every unforgettable experience I met on my way.

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