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Student canteens in Croatia

Is it better to eat in the student canteens in Croatia or test your own culinary skills? There are a lot of different opinions, but we recommend going to the student canteen. And over 70 percent of students will also recommend it to you. The prices are incredibly affordable and you will get a nice and quick lunch. Find out more about student canteens in Croatia below.

Student canteens in Croatia - Study in Croatia Guide

Student document (X-ica)

A student document is a public document that proves the status of a student and is issued upon enrollment in a higher education institution. You will use the student card (X-ica) during each visit to the student canteen in Croatia, where you get between 50 and 70 percent discount on meals. Specifically, the discount is lower (50 percent) for individual meals and food products that are not part of the meal menu. Student canteens in Croatia function as restaurants, so you will be able to pay for food without a student card but at full price.

Student canteen Kampus, University of Split

3 levels of student rights

Levels of student rights are recorded by numbers: 1, 2 and 2.5 and indicate the amount of one, two or two and a half menu meals per day.If you are an Erasmus student you belong to level 2. Find more information in the list below.

Level 1

  • to all students

Level 2

  • to a student who proves that he/she resides in a place of study that is different from the place of registered residence
  • students who have a permanent or temporary residence in a place that is poorly connected to the place of study
  • foreigners using support based on participation in international exchanges (Erasmus, CEEPUS and international bilateral legal acts) as scholarship holders of the Ministry of Science and Education
  • foreigners from EU member states studying in the Republic of Croatia

Level 2,5

  • students living in a dormitory or in a dormitory that does not provide a food service
  • a student of low financial status based on a special decision of the Ministry of Science and Education
  • to a student who is a top athlete who proves that he/she resides in a place of study that is different from the place of registered residence
Student canteens in Croatia - Study in Croatia Guide

Student canteens in Croatia – My experience

For the first three years of my studies, I lived in a dormitory, so I had to go to eat in the student canteens every day. The quality of the food varies from restaurant to restaurant. Most often, each canteen offers one meat and one vegetarian menu every day, and you also have additional food choices. The prices are really cheap (I think my most expensive lunch was only 20 kuna). Also, a couple of times I went to student canteens in Zadar and Zagreb which have completely different food menus. Most groceries are healthy so student canteens are a much better choice than fast food.

Touch Screen Ordering System

Unlike other Croatian canteens, the Dubrovnik Student Canteen will feature ‘touch screens’ through which students will be able to select menus or order food. ‘Like at McDonald’s’. It is also new that student menus will be able to be paid with a credit card (not only cash as the years before). I hope that other student canteens in Croatia will get a similar option.

Student canteens in Croatia - Study in Croatia Guide
Ručak u studentskoj menzi, pohana piletina
Student canteens in Croatia - Study in Croatia Guide

Study in Croatia Guide

I hope you have learned enough information about student canteens in Croatia. First of all, studying abroad is an exotic that would be hard to decide. However, getting to know a new culture and new people, teaching in another language are just some of the advantages. Given the rich history, architecture, social life, etc., Croatia is becoming more and more interesting to foreign students. You will find more information by reading the Study in Croatia Guide.

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