25+ Cheap Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys ($0-$10)

25+ Cheap Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys ($0-$10)

Shop our fantastic collection of Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys. Choose from our cute stuffed animal toys, teddy bears, jungle animals, unicorns, etc. So let’s start!

Bedtime Originals Choo Choo Express Plush Elephant – Humphrey

The first idea on the list: Cheap Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys. Choo Choo express plush dunphy the elephant measures approximately 9″ long x 8.5″ wide, when sitting down. It is made of 100% polyester. Care instructions: machine wash in gentle cycle, tumble dry low and remove promptly. Age Group:Infant, Toddler

Wild Republic T-Rex Dinosaur Stuffed Animal

The name tyrannosaurs Rex means “tyrant lizard”. gigantic head and short arms are some of the specific characteristics that separate the. -Rex from the rest of the Dino Kingdom. Standout in. Good way amongst your friends and family by bringing home this tasteful T-Rex stuffed animal. With. Little imagination, plush toys can become more than just. Stuffed animal but. Companion for life. Teachers love having dinosaur themed plush on hand to use as an educational tool in the classroom. Soft, smooth to the touch, surface washable and constructed of high-quality materials; nothing gets better than that. Wild Republic has been developing animal plush and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, with. Unique specialization in realistic stuffed animals.

WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Cube

You’ve probably heard the Baby Shark song… now you can bring the Baby Shark family into your home in a super soft and cuddly way! Meet our stackable, collectible Shark Family cube dolls! Squeeze them to hear the Baby Shark song, the global sensation with over 3.3 billion views! Produced by WowWee for Pinkfong, official creator of the global hit song Baby Shark. Collect all 3 of your favorite characters: Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, and Daddy Shark! These Shark Family cube dolls are the perfect size for kids to squeeze, stack, and carry around. You can also tuck them in your bag for fun on the go!

Disney Mickey Mouse 2020 Large Holiday Plush

Snuggle up with Mickey and Minnie this holiday season! The Disney Classics Holiday Large Plush friends come dressed in adorable winter-themed outfits and are made with super soft and cuddly fabrics! Both Mickey and Minnie (sold separately) are the perfect size for curling up next to while watching your favorite holiday movies! Bring home both Mickey and Minnie Holiday Large Plush pals and spread some holiday cheer! Each character sold separately.

Aurora – Rolly Pet – 5″ Prankster Pig, Pink

Rolly Pets are sweet and adorable plush animals with round-shaped bodies. Rolly Pets are available in all your favorite animals and styles! Aurora World specializes in plush toys and high-quality gift products, and a respected creator in the character and content industry. Offering an extensive range of branded and licensed products for children and adults, Aurora is known in the industry for its incredibly high quality products.

Douglas Small Spunky Hedgehog Plush Stuffed Animal

Our pint-sized Spunky the Hedgehog stuffed animal is all of the cuddles without any of the prickles! Crafted with only the highest quality plush materials, Spunky is the softest Hedgehog you will ever meet! Engaging bright eyes and tiny little paws and ears make Spunky extra adorable and lovable. His compact 5″ size allows him to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and makes him easy to tuck into a pocket or bag so he can accompany you wherever you go. With his cuddly design and friendly face, Spunky the plush Hedgehog toy is a delightful companion who is sure to charm everyone who has the pleasure of meeting him!

Fortnite 5″ Durrr Burger Plush

Fortnite Durrr Burger plush is made with high-quality materials and is an official licensed product. This Fortnite Durrr Burger plush is inspired by one of the most iconic locations in Epic Games’ Fortnite! This soft, cuddly and huggable plush is a great gift for the Fortnite fan in your life or to keep for yourself. Jazwares, a subsidiary of Alleghany Capital Corporation, specializes in consumer products including toys, plush, collectibles, musical instruments, and consumer electronics. With over 20 years of design, development, and manufacturing expertise, Jazwares is a company with a progressive focus on identifying new trends and transforming them into high-quality products for consumers of all ages. 

Wild Republic Wolf Plush

Do you want to add to your family “Wolf pack”? you should look no further than owning this Wolf plush toy. Wolves always travel with their family in a “Wolf pack”, and this Wolf will bring your family together and allow you to form your own pack. Wolves are very comforting and protective animals as their loud howls will warn their pack and other Wolf packs of danger in the area. These zoo stuffed animals are excellent baby toys and toddler toys to help your kids sleep when there is a full Moon. If you are looking for a gift for teens, Christmas gifts, or a birthday gift for kids, this Wolf will be one they will not forget.

Baby GUND My 1st Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Plush

There’s a special place in everyone’s hearts for their first teddy bear. It’s never too early to make a lifelong friend with My 1st Teddy! This soft, safe, and ultra-huggable 15″ companion in gender-neutral tan is always ready for naptime, playtime, and any time in between. The diverse friends of the Baby GUND collection – featuring classic and modern silhouettes, gender-neutral and trending colors, and a wide variety of animals and teddy bears – are ready to be baby’s first friends! Great for collecting and cuddling, our plush looks just as amazing displayed as part of nursery decor and photo ops as it does tucked in the crib as the perfect naptime partner.

Disney Salamander – Frozen II – Mini Plush

Direct from Frozen 2 adventures, comes this snuggly salamander buddy ready for hugs and fun. With soft felt claws, big blue eyes and darling diamond screen art on his back, he makes a perfect companion for journeys into the unknown.

SpongeBob SquarePants Officially Licensed Mini Plush – 6” Patrick

Bring Bikini bottom to your toy collection with these soft, plush friends! Collect all of these adorable little SpongeBob characters that are perfect for play and would make a cool display on your shelf!

Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story 4 Small Plush, Woody

Bring home the adventures of Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story 4 with these adorable Small Plush pals! Featuring your favorite characters from the film, each plush friend is made with excellent character detail and comes in soft and cuddly fabrics! Their fun collectible size makes them perfect for both cuddles and play! Kids will love acting out adventures from the movie and taking their Toy Story 4 friends with them wherever they go! Collect all available characters including: Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Bo Peep, Ducky, Bunny and Forky. Each character sold separately. Ages 3+​

Wild Republic Tiger Shark Plush

You can explore the seven seas with this Tiger shark stuffed animal. This adorable sea creature can allow your child to open their imagination and learn in a fun way. Cuddlekins stuffed toys are made of high- quality material and given lots of detail to ensure they look realistic. The high- quality material on these plush toys allows for hours of fun and creative adventures to be had, giving your child something to smile about. A real Tiger shark on average is 10 to 14 feet and weighs 1400 to 2000 pounds. Whereas the Cuddlekins toy plush is a fraction of the size measuring at 13- inches but is still boatloads of fun.

Disney Pixar Toy Story Lotso Plush

Iconic characters from Disney and Pixar films are now available in delightful, soft plush that kids will love to grab, squeeze, and cuddle! Each plush doll character is made of soft, colorful fabric, so they’re fun to look at and fun to hold. Designed with attention to authentic details that fans of these animated classics will appreciate. Adorable plush—fun for playtime, nap time, any time! Each sold separately—collect them all! One of the best ideas on our list: Cheap Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys.

Fortnite 8″ Peely Plush

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with the Fortnite Peely Plush? The plush features high-quality fabric and incredible embroidered details. This ultra-soft plush stands 8” tall and is perfect for Fortnite in real life! Jazwares, which is headquartered in Sunrise, FL, has offices around the world and sells in over 100 countries. Jazwares’ mission is to entertain through the creation of innovative product.

Aurora – Flopsie – 12″ Cheetah,Multi

Rich and brown with the characteristic black spots this Cheetah looks fierce but is really just a 12 inch pussy cat stretched out looking for love. Aurora World is a global leader in plush toys and high-quality gift products, and a respected leader in the character and content industry. Offering an extensive range of branded and licensed products for children and adults, Aurora is known in the industry for its incredibly high quality products.

Bearington Lil’ Grizby Small Plush Stuffed Animal Brown Grizzly Bear

You will love the fine detail award winning Bearington Collection uses to bring Lil’ Grizby, the brown grizzly bear, to life. Hand crafted using the most luxurious, soft plush and with hand airbrushed detail, this grizzly bear stuffed animal is perfect for everyone from the collector to a special child in your life. Huggable and pose-able, Lil’ Grizby will make the perfect companion. Lil’ Grizby measures 7″ tall when sitting, and 7″ long from nose to tail when standing.

Aurora – Rolly Pet – 5″ Precious Panda, Black, White

Getting to sleep at night can be tough work, but Precious Panda sure makes that a little bit easier for you. A must-have for anyone who is looking for a bit of animalistic charm and friendship to help them get a good night†s sleep, helping you doze off.

Disney Frozen 2 Reversible Sequins Large Plush Olaf

Bring home the excitement of Disney Frozen 2 with the Disney Frozen 2 Reversible Sequins Large Plush Olaf. Stylized Olaf appears solid silver color but swipe the sequins to reveal a white with blue snowflake pattern! Create fun two-color designs by brushing only a few of Olaf’s sequins. Olaf stands approximately 12” tall. Ages 3+

Wild Republic Penguin Plush

Have you ever looked at a Penguin and thought to oneself they were not cute? The answer is no. Now imagine a soft and adorable looking penguin that can bring pure joy to the household. This playful penguin stuffed animal is what we are talking about. Standing at 7. 5 inches, It Can fit into a lot of different purses, satchels, luggage, etc. Creativity can be enhanced through play with plushies. Perhaps an imaginative journey to Antarctica might occur. Who really knows what scenario a child can spawn up in their minds. Lifelike stuffed animals are unique gifts for kids of all ages and superb for snuggling up too.

Aurora World 31290 Mini Flopsies – Foxxie 8in

Mini Flopsies have a reputation for creating some of the best animal-inspired plushes. Thanks to the eloquent and comical charm of young Foxxie, you can really improve your plush collection and leave yourself with something cunning and smart to watch over you.

Wild Republic Octopus Plush

This soft little brown octopus stuffed animal is perfectly huggable. Spread the arms wide open. Give the chest a squeeze, then SNAP . . . the arms instantly wrap around and give you a hug. Hugs onto your wrist, backpack, stroller and so much more. The Octopus is an incredible aquatic invertebrate that has three Hearts and blue blood, and this marine animal plush toy has more than enough love to go around. Designed with realistic features and high quality materials, the Wild Republic Octopus stuffed toy is an ideal birthday gift for kids and anyone who loves ocean creatures. 

Disney Collectible 8-Inch Beanbag Plush, Tigger

Bring home the magic of Disney with the adorable Disney Classic Beanbag Plush friends! These timeless characters are made with amazing detail and feature soft deluxe fabrics! Each plush pal is the perfect size to take on the go! Disney fans of all ages are sure to adore these classic treasures! Collect all characters, each sold separately. Ages 3+

Charming Pet Scruffles and Lil’ Dudles Squeaky Plush Dog Toys

Meet Charming Pet’s adorable Scruffles collection. A tad unkempt and a little funny to look at perhaps, but loved like family. You may want to keep these lovable dog toys for yourself because they are so scruffy and cuddly, and with their K9 Tuff Guard Lining, you know they will be there ‘til the bitter end.

Peppa Pig Plush, 8 Inch Tall, Soft and Squishy Plush

Get ready to cuddle, squeeze, and oink with the Peppa Pig Medium Plush! This oinktastic plush toy looks just like their favorite character, Peppa Pig! The 8” stuffed animal is perfect for bedtime, traveling, car rides, and even sleep overs! Your little one will love holding onto this soft Peppa plush while watching Peppa Pig’s silly adventures on T.V.! The Peppa Pig Medium Plush is perfect for any World of Peppa collection- add it to yours today!

Animal Adventure | Scooby Doo | Collectible Seated Plush

For 50 years, Scooby-Doo has weaved themes of mystery, comedy, adventure and friendship into an iconic brand that has delighted fans for generations. Boys, girls, toddlers, teens – scoop is everyone’s best friend! And with digital development, movies, daily telecasts and more, new followers are being added regularly. Join us in wishing our favorite sleuthing dog A great, big, happy 50th birthday! Animal Adventure is proud to be a part of this Warner Bros. License, as each of our designs are quintessential Scooby, from his spots to his collar tag and happy smile. Brighten your child’s world with this soft, cuddly, best furry friend that’s perfect for hugging, snuggling, and playing!

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