The Luchtsingel Rotterdam

The Luchtsingel, a hidden gem in Rotterdam!

Before my arrival in Rotterdam, I searched the best architectural projects in Rotterdam on the Archdaily website (if you are interested in click here). One of them was The Luchtsingel, a 400 meters long pedestrian bridge that connects the three parts of the city. Today I use this bridge every day from home to work and back. The bridge is also interesting because it is the first public project that is mostly built through crowdfunding.

The Luchtsingel Rotterdam

More precisely, for the invested 25€ you’ve got the chance to have your name written on one of the wooden panels that are part of the wooden fence. A total of 8,000 people helped in the realization of this project. Of course, this project would have not been realized without the architects from the ZOS office who designed and started this fantastic initiative.

The Luchtsingel Rotterdam

The Luchtsingel, great concept

The bridge dominates the yellow color to give it a visual identity. The bridge runs across roads and railways, but also through a building. On the roof of this building is the largest urban farm in Europe with fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs. The name of this project is Dakakker (find out more information here). This project is also one of the few public projects that connect this bridge.

The Luchtsingel Rotterdam

Also under one part of the bridge is Pompenburg Park. The surrounding scenery provides space for urban recreation, such as lawns, sports fields or just an outdoor cooling spot. Find out more information here. In this park dominates the circular square with scattered letters on the floor.

Park Pompenburg Rotterdam

Already in need of repairs

Only a few years after the bridge has been completed, repairs are already needed. The biggest problems are peeling paint, graffiti, and rubbish. However, this bridge is a tourist attraction in Rotterdam. Almost every day I see tourists coming here just for photography. Also, Rotterdam has a lot of interesting smaller projects like The Elastic Perspective. Find more information on the Rotterdam travel guide.

The Luchtsingel Rotterdam
Station Hofplein Rotterdam Graffiti
The bridge that passes through the building
Yellow wooden bridge, yellow wooden stairs
The Luchtsingel Rotterdam
The Luchtsingel Rotterdam
A wooden pedestrian bridge crosses railroad tracks
The first public project that is mostly built through crowdfundingwith VSCO with m5 preset

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