German BILD published an article about Croatia as "corona free destination"

Corona free destination is Croatia, German BILD published an interesting article

Increasingly, we read about Croatia as a corona free destination, as confirmed by German newspapers. Actually, the largest German newspaper BILD published on April 24, 2020, a huge analysis of the top destinations for summer 2020 during a coronavirus pandemic entitled “WOHIN REISEN IM CORONA-SOMMER?”. In this analysis, Croatia could be an ideal place for anyone planning a vacation.

How much safer Croatia is than most countries in the European Union is best illustrated by the fact that Croatia records only 12 deaths per million population. Unlike Germany, which records 65 deaths from coronaviruses per million population. German Minister for Economic Co-operation and Development Gerd Muller has announced that trips outside Germany will be enabled soon, so Croatia has already started on plans to save the 2020 tourist season.

Croatia – corona free destination

Croatia will advertise this summer as a country as corona free destination. On April 25, there were only 7 new cases with a tendency to fall. Currently, the procedures for quitting the quarantine measures are in 3 phases, and everything ends on May 11, 2020. The reason why Croatia is doing so well with the coronavirus pandemic is the fact that very strict measures were introduced very early on. Also, last week, The German Travel Association announced that domestic tourism could benefit from this situation this summer, as well as tourism from neighboring countries and those destinations, such as Croatia, which can be reached by private transport.

Difficult times for Italy, Spain, and France

German newspaper Bild writes that it is certain that the most popular destinations for Germans – Italy, Spain, and France – will fall out as the best tourist destinations for the summer of 2020. Because of this fact, Croatia could attract more tourists and take advantage of this uncertain situation in Europe. The first with negotiations for the 2020 tourist season in Croatia was started by the Czechs a few weeks ago. Read the article below for more information.

Tourist season 2020: Czech tourists are coming this summer to Croatia?

Plans for the future of tourism

Coronavirus has stopped a lot of things in the world, including almost entirely business tourism processes and trips. Literally, all EU Member States are in the same, precarious situation. It will soon and increasingly be important to take action as soon as possible to recover the tourism sector as quickly as possible after loosening restrictions. Therefore, discussions have begun among tourism ministers across the European Union on how to ensure the functioning of the system under these circumstances.

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