Tourist season 2020: Czech tourists are coming this summer to Croatia?

Tourist season 2020: Czech tourists are coming this summer to Croatia?

Czech tourists are coming this summer to Croatia? Croatia has always been one of the favorite destinations for Czech tourists. Last year, over 800 thousand Czechs spent the summer in Croatia. Also, during the war years, the Czechs were one of the most numerous guests. How much they love the Croatian Adriatic Sea is shown by the initiative of The Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents, which has sent an interesting letter to the Czech Government these days. According to the Czech Republic, Croatia is ideal for opening the tourist corridor, primarily because of the good epidemiological situation in the country.

The air and road corridors for travel are coming soon? Czech tourists are coming

It is very likely that Croatia and the Czech Republic will organize special corridors this summer. Healthy Czech tourists would be able to travel and spend the summer in the Adriatic. In addition to Croatia, the Czech Association proposes similar cooperation with Slovenia. These special contracts would create air or road corridors intended for the travel of exclusively healthy tourists. Also, these tourists on arrival at the destination, as well as when you return home, don’t have to do a 14-day self-isolation. Of course, the domestic tourism sector is delighted with this demand. An interesting fact is that as many as 45 percents of Czech tourists come by car to Croatia.

Plenković: ‘I am in negotiations with Czech colleague Babis over the arrival of Czech tourists’

Considering the excellent relations between the Czech Republic and Croatia, Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia Andrej Plenković was talking with his Czech colleague. They agreed that the Croatian Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli and Czech Minister Clare Dostal propose an acceptable model of the arrival of Czech tourists in Croatia. However, this decision will not only depend on Czech wishes and the Croatian tourism sector but mostly on the decisions of the epidemiological service of both countries. Over the next few days, we will find out the complete plan for this proposal.

The initiative started by The Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents

Otherwise, this is the first proposal to save the 2020 summer tourist season. I have written before about “What will happen with the tourist season 2020 in Croatia?”, and this idea is something similar that I assumed. This is not only the hope of saving Croatian tourism but also of hundreds of travel agencies in the Czech Republic. I can certainly assume that similar requests will be more and more from other countries because many foreigners own a large number of real estate or boats in Croatia. They all want to come for the summer. We can only hope that the epidemiological situation will get better in the next weeks. Czech tourists are coming this summer to Croatia?

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