MaterialDistrict Rotterdam

MaterialDistrict Rotterdam, explore the materials of the future

MaterialDistrict Rotterdam is the leading event for design professionals held every March at Rotterdam Ahoy Sports Complex. This event is intended for creative architects, designers and all interested in materials and innovation. Architecture, interior, urban and landscape, products, textiles, and printing and signs are the parts of the event. During a total of 3 days, you will meet about 150 exhibitors from all over the world and introduce more than 250 different materials.

MaterialDistrict Rotterdam
MaterialDistrict Rotterdam

About MaterialDistrict Rotterdam

Of the total of 6 parts, most attention is devoted to interior design and architecture. The main theme of the interior part is the materials and colors that allow the most comfortable stay in indoor and outdoor areas. Of course, in the 21st century, the protection of the entire planet from pollution becomes more and more important as the importance of circular construction. At this event, you will be able to find out which materials are available for reuse. There are also well-known new 3D printing technologies and many technological possibilities for glass.

MaterialDistrict Rotterdam
Supernatural material in interior design

Sensational lecture program

One of the highlights of this event is sensational lectures. It is a place where architects, designers, and other experts share their latest ideas and visions of the material in the future. Some of the lecturers in 2019 are Maurizio Montalti of Mogu, Oliver Heath by Interface, Cees Donkers and many more!

Modern lighting design, ceiling lighting, modern lamps
An innovative modern design beehive, urban beekeeping

Also, I will point out that in each of the corners of the hall, you can find places with food and drink. We decided to try out the well-known hot dogs Chez Jan, the winners of the first hot-dog awards in the Netherlands in the 2018/2019 season. Moreover, service and food are very good and it is worth trying.

Hot Dog Chez Jan, the winners of the first hot-dog awards in the Netherlands
Hot Dog Chez Jan, the winners of the first hot-dog awards in the Netherlands
Hot Dog Chez Jan, the winners of the first hot-dog awards in the Netherlands

Free Ticket

Tickets for this event are completely free and you can buy them at the following link. Also, I would mention a beautifully designed or unexpected approach to exhibition design. My opinion is that this event will be much more useful to interior designers than to architects. Of course, I recommend everyone to visit it in March next year. See you!

Creative wood material surfaces
Woman person playing the violin at the exhibition
MaterialDistrict Rotterdam
Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing sculpture
An innovative modern design of beehive
Multifuncional exhibition table
Leather as an interesting texture
Scale architectural model with construction concept in building process
MaterialDistrict Rotterdam
MaterialDistrict Rotterdam
Modern Abstract Elephant Statue
MaterialDistrict Rotterdam
MaterialDistrict Rotterdam
Materials of the future on exhibition
Flood Bold RainaWay
MaterialDistrict Rotterdam
Dutch fashion and design exhibition
Design Competition for Innovative Wood
Ceramic tile garden bench
An interesting metal structure for the facade of the building
Innovative design materials in lighting
Modern transparent sculpture
Sculpture in a wood, Sculpture by Hand, Art Furniture
Scale architectural model with construction concept in building process
NobelWood Foreco, tropical hardwood in a sustainable way
Convention centre and arena Ahoy Rotterdam

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