Unité d'Habitation Berlin

Unité d’Habitation Berlin, enjoy the aesthetics of modernist architecture

For anyone interested in a bit of architecture, this house justifies traveling to Berlin! Unité d’Habitation Berlin is a residential building dating back to 1958, located in Berlin, Germany. It is designed by Le Corbusier following its concept of Unité d’Habitation. Designed for the International Construction Exhibition in 1957, Corbusierhaus is the fourth largest building (530 apartments) and the only one outside France.

Unité d'Habitation Berlin
Walls of balconies painted in different colors, Le Corbusier, Germany

Main information of Unité d’Habitation Berlin

After the Second World War, there was a housing crisis in Europe. The building conceived as a symbol of the modernization of Germany after the war. Moreover, about 2000 people live in the building. One of the biggest features of the Unité d’Habitation building is the residential duplex units (2-story apartments). Because of the characteristic section with duplexes, corridors are located on each third floor. Although it looks like a full copy of the most famous building in Marseilles, the Berlin building differs by the height of housing units. The light height is 2.26 meters in Marseille, while in Berlin it is a little higher, 2.5 meters.

Short corridor with the white walls and black floor
Unité d'Habitation Berlin section

An absolutely impressive example of brutalism

The building was built in Béton brut (raw concrete). Also, it is part of the architectural style which we know today as Brutalism. On the ground floor, you will certainly notice the famous Le Corbusier’s Modular. The greatest achievement of the Unite d’Habitation is in the innovation value of apartment projects, technical solutions, and aesthetic achievements. If you want to learn more about the history of this building and the life of Le Corbusier, you can also book tours. The route price is approximately 5 euros while.

Newest Modernist Mailbox by Le Corbusier
Unité d'Habitation Berlin
Unité d'Habitation Berlin
Modulor depicted on the modernist residential building Unité d'Habitation designed by Le Corbusier in Berlin

A must for every architecture fan

For all the lovers of architecture, I would also recommend visiting the Museum for Architectural Drawings. It is located in the Prenzlauer Berg district at the site of the former brewery Pfefferberg. This tiny museum has dozens of drawings and sketches by architects like Zaha Hadid, Frank Lloyd Wright, Adolf Loos, Norman Foster, etc. Find out more about the museum on the following link.

Newest Modernist Mailbox by Le Corbusier

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For anyone seriously interested in architecture, the building will be something special. Find out more information about Unité d’Habitation Berlin on:

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