Many people in crowded Mauerpark in Berlin, Germany

Mauerpark, the best place in Berlin on sunny Sundays

Mauerpark is an ideal place to stay in Berlin for a few hours on Sunday afternoons. Although it is becoming more popular among tourists every year, this place is one of the most popular places for young residents of Berlin. If you are not a flea market fan or karaoke fan like me, the atmosphere at Mauerpark on a sunny Sunday will delight you to fully enjoy it. Mauerpark is definitely the perfect combination of food, music, style, and fun!

Large amount of walking through the entrance of the Sunday flee market

Flea market

Flea Market Berlin Mauerpark

In this flea market, you will find a variety of ceramics, books, albums, original souvenirs, up to Soviet military equipment and genuine DDR furniture. Since I’m a big fan of photography here you will find old Polaroid cameras as well as beautiful Berlin postcards.

Early spring afternoon at the Mauerpark amphitheater. Crowd of people sitting

In the second part of the market, you will find many kiosks with food. You can choose between vegetarian, Chinese, Korean, Turkish food or simply try the famous Berlin currywurst.

Music + Art + Picnic = Mauerpark

Mauerpark Karaoke from a visitor's perspective

Especially during sunny days, the Mauerpark is a great gathering place for people and family members of all ages who enjoy food, time and dance. The entire space looks like a festival, especially after the start of the karaoke show. Depending on the weather, they are held every Sunday at 15:00. Don’t be surprised if you can not find a place to sit in the amphitheatre. People from all over the world sing whatever song they want. Actually, only fun and good atmosphere are important here.

Karaoke at Amphitheater in Mauerpark, Berlin, Germany

After we took food and drink, we sat on a hill looking out over the park and watching the people who were having fun. You will see dancers, musicians, people playing with their children, people who do magic tricks. Also, you will be surprised how many people are sitting on the grass, listening to music and drinking beer. In principle, this place is perfect for socializing with your friends.

An anonymous man making giant soap bubbles on an early summer Sunday afternoon

The history of the Mauerpark

Graffiti on the Berlin Wall, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

The park was named after Berlin Mauer or the Berlin Wall, which stood here during the Cold War. Specifically, in the area of the park, there was a border strip of the Berlin Wall. With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the unification of Germany, the park turned into a peaceful public space for relaxation. It was officially opened in 1994. On the hill where the football stadium is located, you can find a small part of the old Berlin Wall that is full of graffiti today. During my visit, local artists painted new graffiti as you can see in the photos.

Man spray painting graffiti on Berlin Wall, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Although there are so many attractions in Berlin spending Sunday afternoon in this park is something special.

Street music performance at the entrance to the popular park in Berlin
Young Man Painting Graffiti art in Official Graffiti Area
Sunny view young people sitting, Mauerpark, Berlin
Musician singing and playing guitar in crowded Mauerpark on a sunny summer day

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