Milky way and star trails from island Brač

Milky Way and star trails from island Brač

There are countless of beautiful photographs of all over island Brač shot during the daytime. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve decided to present my island in a new, unique way.

I’ve documented natural wonders and cultural richness of Brač under the starry night sky using techniques such as single long exposure, panoramic long exposure and stacking exposures into star trails.

I’ve researched many books prior to the shooting and found myself surprised how little I know about all the fascinating locations of my island. Which motivated me further to complete my project „2017: Brač Odyssey“, a collection of a dozen astrophotography landscape images, and later compose a timelapse video as a crown of my exhibition.

Once I’ve decided which to locations to visit, I’ve been planning extensively for months. Due to the nature of astrophotography, I had to take into consideration the weather, humidity, moon phases and light pollution and also the movement of the Milky Way on the sky. Our galaxy is best visible during the last weeks of May, June and July. Which means I only had roughly around 100 hours to complete my project.

Due to my adventurous spirit and love for the island, I’ve challenged myself to never vise the locations during the day, only on the nights when I planned to shoot and to use techniques that were still new to me. During that short time me and my girlfriend traversed well over 1000 kilometers during the night trough unknown and mostly difficult terrain, battled sleep deprivation and encountered all sorts of wildlife. One example, we were forced to camp the night at Blaca monastery, one of the most isolated locations on the island, due to the wild boars that came too close to comfort during the filming.

Is because of all of this each photograph has a story behing it’s creation and is very special to me.

Milky Way and star trails Timelapse 4K – Island Brač, Croatia

 Article & video of article “Milky Way and star trails from island Brač” by Božan Štambuk

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