A game called The Uncharted Roads of Marco Polo coming soon

A game The Uncharted Roads of Marco Polo coming soon

For some time, the Croatian team of programmers from the Dreamtale Entertainment studio is developing the adventure game called “The Uncharted Roads of Marco Polo”. The main goal of the game is to get to know the most famous Croatian attractions. Also, by playing the game you will have the opportunity to learn more about Croatian history and culture. Therefore, the game has an educational character. The game is currently under development and it will have over 60 locations, including Split, Zagreb, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Varaždin, Pula, etc. Project manager Josip Makjanić believes that the game “The Uncharted Roads of Marco Polo” can be a great promotion of Croatia, but the release date of the game has not yet been decided.

A game called The Uncharted Roads of Marco Polo coming soon

The story begins with a tourist Oliver

“Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more about the story except that it is about a tourist named Oliver, who, after coming to Croatia, starts an adventure that will completely change his life. The reason why we don’t want to reveal more information is that we want to gradually reveal the story through trailers. We will show an adventure that will lead the player through Croatia for some reason, but the player will be the first to meet the story.”, says team leader Josip.

All locations in the game “The Uncharted Roads of Marco Polo” are real and faithfully transferred to the game. They are drawn and animated traditionally. For example, in the video, you can see a small square with the church of St. Peter in Korčula, with the interior and the house of Marco Polo in the background. There are a lot of comparisons to classics like Broken Sword and Monkey Island, especially Broken Sword, which is a big compliment to this little team.

A game called The Uncharted Roads of Marco Polo coming soon

Authors of The Uncharted Roads of Marco Polo

The author of the game is a small studio from Zagreb called Dreamtale Entertainment. The project leader is Josip Makjanic, who has created several games so far. He was also part of the team during the development of well-known games such as Serious Sam VR and Serious Sam 4 games in the Croteam studio. Three people are working on this project – an animator, a character designer, and a marketing person. You can find more information on the official Facebook page.

Early Pre Alpha version of the game

Check out the announcement game trailer on following link.

It’s a street that usually leads to Korčula’s main square…But since this is a Pre-Alpha demo of the game, the developers said that I should stay here. I can’t wait for the full release so I can visit the rest of the town. It is Marco Polo’s house. There should be a hidden passage somewhere inside the church that leads to its basement. I really hope the diamonds are there. Um…Nope. I don’t think these doors need a sleeping pill…

“So what’s inside St. Peter’s? Altar place and year’s supply of communion wine. And you’re not afraid of leaving all that unsupervised? Bless you, the Apostles are watching. You know, in the year 1000. a Venetian nobleman presided over Korčula and he set his eyes on our vineyards. So, how’d you get out of it? My ancestors, the Crnomiri brothers waited in ambush and pummelled the Venetian with a mallet.

And what about the house in the backyard? You are looking at Marco Polo’s house. It’s a popular attraction. Around 300 years after we got rid of the Venetian, there was a naval fight between Venetia and Genova. Marco Polo fought for the Venetian side. Hiccup! I know about the battle, that’s when he was imprisoned.”

“As I opened the door, I was struck by a cold, gentle breeze and the smell of candles. The Apostles really are watching. I should find the secret passage. St Peter’s Church… This small Gothic church, dating from the 14th century is one of the oldest in Korčula’s old town…The status of Saint Peter on the altar was created by an unknown artist from Venice in the 18th century.”

I hope that you get enough information about The Uncharted Roads of Marco Polo. Discover the most beautiful and interesting sights around Korčula. Find, compare, and book sightseeing tours, attractions, excursions, things to do, and fun activities.

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