Tunnel Grič Zagreb

Tunnel Grič, a gallery with various exhibitions during the year

This place has become a cult place and one of the most important city attractions of Zagreb right after the opening. Tunnel Grič has become a gallery with various exhibitions during the year.

Tunnel Grič Zagreb

History of tunnel

The tunnel was designed in 1943 during the NDH (Independent State of Croatia), and it was completed in 1945. During the Homeland War tunnel was a shelter. After the war, there were several parties, presentations, and exhibitions. However, he didn’t get a real purpose until 2016. Since then the tunnel has become an unavoidable tourist attraction.

Tunnel Grič Zagreb

Tunnel Grič exhibition

For the first time, I visited this museum in September 2017. There was an exhibition called ‘Croatia je Hrvatska’. The tunnel looked like a time machine that used visitors through numerous social, political, economic and other events of Croatian history. The exhibition was full of projection screens, while the music was in the background. The biggest attraction of this exhibition was the so-called “Rainstorm” in the central hall of the tunnel, where rain was raining all the time. In 2018, this exhibition was awarded as the best in the world by the prestigious international award IIDA Global Excellence.

Exhibition was awarded like the best in the world by the prestigious international award IIDA Global Excellence

Christmas and New Year decorations 

During my second visit in May 2018, the tunnel was empty except the central hall where was an exhibition about cycling history in Croatia. Probably the best time to visit this place is during the advent. Christmas fairy tale in the Grič tunnel will so delight the kids like the most magical place.

Tunnel Grič bicycle exhibition
Bicycle Expo advertising poster from Zagreb, Croatia

Tunnel Grič main information

The tunnel Grič is 350 meters long. On its large part, it is 3.2 meters wide while in the central part it is 5.5 meters wide. The tunnel has four exits. To pass the whole tunnel takes around five minutes.

Tunnel Grič Zagreb

Initially had difficulty finding one of the entrances. Actually, there are multiple entrances. Most importantly, the entrance is free. When you think that you are walking under the old city it is kind of fascinating! In addition, if you are visiting Zagreb during the summer, the tunnel will be a nice stop during hot summer days due to the low temperature inside.

Tunnel Grič Zagreb

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