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Soviet Memorial Tiergarten, an amazing history close to Brandenburg Gate

Berlin offers an incredible amount of historical attractions for visitors. One of them is the Soviet Memorial Tiergarten, just a few minutes’ walks from the Brandenburg Gate. Located in Tiergarten and one of the three Soviet memorials built to commemorate the 80,000 soldiers who died during the Battle of Berlin between April and May 1945. The most important and largest Soviet monument is located in Treptower Park (find out more information here).

Soviet War Memorial in Tiergarten, Berlin
Statue of the Red Army soldier in Strasse des 17. Juni

Soviet Memorial Tiergarten – Communist architecture

The main entrance of Soviet Memorial Tiergarten is on the street on June 17th. The curved monument in its center has a statue of a Soviet soldier at the top. His rifle is slung over his shoulder to signify that the war is over. On the front of the memorial, you will notice the tanks T-34/36 and the top ML Howitzer, which arrived first in Berlin during World War II. In the center of the monument, there are colonies with the names of the fallen soldiers. The monument is also a cemetery for more than 2,000 Soviet soldiers.

Monument Russian tank T-34/76 in Berlin, Germany
Top ML Howitzer - A howitzer monument dedicated to a World War 2

The inscriptions on the monument are expected in the Russian Cyrillic alphabet, but on the wall of the pavilion in the back, there is a very interesting display of multilingual photographs. It’s unbelievable to see the black and white historical photos of important events that happened just where you just stood.

Soviet War Memorial in Tiergarten, Berlin
Soviet War Memorial in Tiergarten, Berlin

Apart from this Soviet monument being a tourist attraction, it is also the site of pilgrimage for many war veterans. It was very interesting in 2010 when many petitions were signed to remove Russian tanks. The reason was the Russian annexation of the Crimea.

View of tank on display in Tiergarten Berlin Germany

Near Soviet Memorial Tiergarten

Close to this monument are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Berlin. These are just some of them:

Statue of the Red Army soldier Soviet War Memorial Strasse des 17. Juni

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