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Petrovaradin Fortress, a well-preserved piece of history

 The first association on the Petrovaradin is the Fortress and everyone visiting Novi Sad desires to climb to “Gibraltar on the Danube”. The view of the Petrovaradin Fortress from the Danube leaves everyone breathless. Petrovaradin is not only a fortress and a wall, but there are also other cultural and historical monuments, hidden corners and many legends that are still being explored today. Like the stories of the treasures of the Habsburg family, the monster from Fort Petrovaradin, the enigma of the Maltese cross on the wall of a blind corridor, and speculation of a tunnel beneath the Danube.

This is a Petrovaradin fortress on river Danube, by night, view from Novi Sad

Even if you have already seen numerous castles/fortresses on your trip, this one is worth a visit. The underground tunnels and other defensive designs of the fort make this one very different and impressive.

History of Petrovaradin Fortress

The fort was built by the Austrian War Command with the financial assistance of the Pope, with the aim of stopping the future invasion of the Turks. When it was built, it was the most significant and numerous fortress in the Habsburg Monarchy. The Turks tried to win twice but failed. The mysterious underground makes the fort even more interesting. It was intended to house soldiers and store weapons. Mysterious underground that goes on four floors below ground was built 70 years of the 18th century. The entire underground hall system is 16 km long.

Part of Petrovaradin Fortress Fortifications
Clock Tower of Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad. Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia.

The exterior walls and garden are very well preserved, but the big problem is that the famous corridors can only be visited in larger groups and with prior reservations. There is also a small Museum of the City of Novi Sad. Whatever, it is a pleasure to take a walk on a sunny day, have a coffee or cake at one of the nice restaurants and enjoy the beautiful view of the Danube River and the city of Novi Sad.

View on Danube from Petrovaradin fortress, Novi Sad, Serbia
Petrovaradin entrance tunnel, Serbia

The old town of Petrovaradin

The old town just below the fort is also impressive and well worth your visit. Among the oldest preserved buildings is St. Juraj Church, built since 1701, then a Franciscan monastery, later transferred to a military hospital, as well as the Command building. At the edge of Main Street are located most of the most important military and civilian administration buildings, as well as the most representative houses of the elders and clerks built during the eighteenth century in the Baroque style. There is also the birthplace of Ban Josip Jelačić, the famous Croatian Ban and army general. In front of his birth house, there is a well-known restaurant – Mačak Petrovaradin.

Old downtown of Petrovaradin, Novi Sad, Serbia. The view from the fortress.
The old downtown of Petrovaradin, Novi Sad, Serbia. The view from the fortress.
Church of St. Juraj in Petrovaradin is located in the suburb of Petrovaradin Fortress.
Church of St. Juraj in Petrovaradin
Downtown Petrovaradin, Belgrade Gate, Serbia at night