Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace, a place to learn about Kings of Prussia

One of the best attractions in Berlin is the Charlottenburg Palace. It’s located in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin and it is the largest palace in Berlin. It was built in the 17th century while the greatest damage occurred during the Second World War after which it was restored. The way how the palace is renovated is incredible! During 2017, I visited the palace several times. Some parts of the palace were under renovation and had scaffoldings outside.

Charlottenburg Palace

Berlin’s largest palace

Approaching the palace (except its size) you will also notice the horseman statue of Friedrich Wilhelm Brandenburg, created in 1696-1700. The Old Palace is a U-shaped two-story building with a dome at the top of the middle part. The entrance is located in the middle part where you will buy tickets and start a tour. We had an audio guide that was informative. You can turn off the voice and just read the text if you like. I was a little surprised by the price of the ticket, which is € 17, while you will have to pay another € 3 fee for photography.

Friedrich Wilhelm Brandenburg
Main entrance of Schloss

History of Charlottenburg Palace

The original palace was designed as a summer residence for Sophie Charlotte. The construction started in 1695 and was built at stages. It contains numerous rooms with baroque decorations. It also includes a room called the Porcelain Cabinet, which contains thousands of porcelain items. Don’t miss visiting the room described as the “Eighth Miracle of the World”. The name of the room is Amber Room (Bernsteinzimmer), the room with walls made of ornamental amber. In general, through the tour, you will find so much information about the history of the royal family in Berlin, as well as a very good introduction to Prussian history and many links between European royal families.

Charlottenburg Palace
Simeon Godeau garden

The gardens are free

Although you have to pay for the entrance to the palace, the gardens are free and accessible to everyone throughout the year. First of all, walking you will notice the influence of the Versailles style. The garden was designed by Simeon Godeau in baroque style who had been influenced by André Le Nôtre, a garden designer in Versailles. Actually, the German equivalent of Versailles is a slightly smaller version but certainly not the poor relation. There are several other interesting points in the gardens including the mausoleum and the Belvedere.

Charlottenburg Palace lake
Charlottenburg Palace park

Every year in front of the Charlottenburg Palace is a Christmas market

Every year during the advent, in front of the palace, there is a large beautiful and festive Christmas market. Moreover, I’m sure you will enjoy walking with hot mulled wine, listening to music playing Christmas songs and enjoying Currywurst. The market is large and not as crowded as those in the city center. Check out The ultimate guide for finding the best Berlin Christmas markets on the following link.

Charlottenburg Palace
Charlottenburg Palace
Duck Lake Nature Water Animal
Outdoor hand carved marble kid boy statue
Family walk in park on sunday morning
Charlottenburg Palace lake
Charlottenburg Palace garden

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