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Tourist season 2020: Croatia opened its borders

The positive news is coming again – Croatia opened its borders. Tourists who prove at the border that they have booked tourist accommodation in Croatia – can actually enter the country without any problems. And most importantly, there are no more self-isolation rules. Find all the information below. Also, very importantly, Low-cost airline Eurowings has decided to launch a few international routes to destinations in Croatia.

What is required for entry in Croatia?

  • Croatian and foreign citizens can enter and leave the Republic of Croatia in compliance with the rules of the “Croatian Institute of Public Health”.
  • Citizens from EU countries can enter Croatia if they have justified reasons (economic activities, business meetings, tourist stay).
  • There are no self-isolation rules
  • All of them will receive written instructions for entering the country.
  • Foreign citizens can also write to the e-mail of the Border Administration ([email protected]) and ask if they have all the conditions for entering the Republic of Croatia
  • Citizens of non-EU countries can also enter Croatia for the purpose of business meetings.

Croatia opened its borders – New rules

  • After entering Croatia, foreign citizens are obliged to use highways.
  • In case you cross the border at a crossing that is not on the highway, you are obliged to head towards the highway by the shortest possible route.
  • During stopping, you must adhere to strict rules of social distancing.
  • For tourist travelers, it is necessary to enter information about the place/address where the tourist will stay, contact phone number, and time of stay – when they plan to leave the Republic of Croatia.

Eurowings launches new routes to Croatia

Low-cost airline Eurowings has decided to launch a few international routes to destinations in Croatia. By the way, Croatia is one of the most important destinations of this low-budget airline. Find out more from the list below.

  • Köln – Zagreb (from June 20) – once a week, on Saturdays
  • Köln – Zadar (from June 20) – once a week, on Saturdays
  • Düsseldorf – Rijeka (from June 20) – once a week, on Saturdays
  • Düsseldorf – Pula (from June 20) – once a week, on Saturdays
  • Düsseldorf – Split (from June 20) – once a week, on Saturdays
  • Hamburg – Split (from June 02) – twice a week, on Tuesdays and Sundays
  • Hamburg – Rijeka (from June 21) – once a week, on Sundays
  • Stuttgart – Split ((from June 06) – once a week, on Saturdays

The Coronavirus Crisis – Related articles

Traffic jams at the border crossings with Slovenia

Slovenia has become the first European country to proclaim an end to the coronavirus epidemic. Since Croatia has opened its borders, traffic jams on borders have already begun. Yesterday, the worst was at the border crossing Rupa and Bregana. The photos are like it’s August. Convoys of vehicles were waiting to enter Croatia. The border police have a lot to do with the new rules and the whole process takes much longer. More precisely, it is necessary to check for everyone why they come to Croatia. Overview of the situation when entering and leaving Croatia you can check on the official website of the Croatian Automobile Club HAK.

Recommended Experiences

It’s good news that Croatia opened its borders and now is time to start exploring best experiences this summer. Find, compare, and book sightseeing tours, attractions, excursions, things to do, and fun activities.

HAK: Gužve na granici na ulazu u Hrvatsku (16.05.2020.)
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  1. JW Thots

    I wish I could say I love Croatia, but I’ve never been there! Tried, but corona got in the way. 🙁 Your readers should be aware of what happened to my group. We put down a substantial deposit on a house in Croatia for early June (Amazing Beachfront Villa with 5 Bedrooms, VRBO #2590124ha), and even after Croatia closed its borders to foreigners because of the coronavirus pandemic, the owner and management company (My Waycation — refused to refund the deposit or allow us to move our dates. To its credit, VRBO refunded their fees for the rental. But incidents like this won’t help Croatia’s tourism rebound.

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