Flower box Split - Cvjećarnica Strelitzia

Where to buy a wonderful flower box in Split?

At least once a year, we find ourselves in a situation where we have to give something to people who mean a lot to us in our lives. Especially if it is a female person, then with the flower box you will not make a mistake. This box with roses will be grateful for any occasion. It is most often intended for congratulations on the occasion of an anniversary, diploma, moving into a new home or an important life event. 

Flower box Split - Cvjećarnica Strelitzia

This year I was in the situation of what to give to girlfriend for her birthday. I decided to buy a flower box because she loves flowers. Then the biggest question was where to buy and which flower shop to choose. For all who will be in a similar situation in the future, I made a list of the best floral shops in Split.

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Flower shop Anda

Shop Anda Split

This flower shop is located in 2 shopping centres – Prima 3 and the Mall of Split. Actually, Mall is the largest shopping center in Split, read more about it here. The main activity is selling and arranging flowers, wedding decorations and other occasions. It is very important to note that all the products are available on the website. There is also possible to order online. I was ordering here two years ago and they gave me a very good impression. Find out more about flower shop Anda in Split on Facebook.

Flower box Split - Cvjećarnica ANDA
Flower box Split - Cvjećarnica ANDA

Flower shop Strelitzia

Flower box Split - Cvjećarnica Strelitzia

When we get back to the beginning of the text and ask me what flower shop I chose, the answer is exactly this. The decision fell on a flower box with red roses that unequivocally express love, courage, and fire. Every recommendation for quality and price, and delivery on time. If you are wondering where to buy a flower box, I recommend this place. In addition, a rating of 4.9 out of maximum 5 with a total of 50 reviews says that it is perhaps the best flower shop in Split. Also, find out more about flower shop Strelitzia on an official website or on Facebook.

Flower box Split - Cvjećarnica Strelitzia

Do you know another place where you can buy a flower box?

Unfortunately, here ends my search for flower boxes. The reason is, above all, that Split is a relatively small city. Actually, for a much larger offer you have to go to Zagreb. Of course, if is some new place opened or there is some other flower shop who I didn’t mention I would ask you to write it in the comment.

Shop Strelitzia Split
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