Andy Warhol Exhibition Zadar

We visited the Andy Warhol exhibition in Zadar

Andy Warhol exhibition: Enter into My Life was opened at the Rector’s Palace in Zadar. It will be held until 15th September 2018. Otherwise, this is his second exhibition in Croatia, while the first one was in Zagreb in 2010. There are about 50 works in the collection of silk-screen prints, lithographs, drawings, memorabilia and movie productions. The exhibition briefly shows the life and work of Andy Warhol from birth to death.

Andy Warhol Exhibition Zadar
Andy Warhol Exhibition Zadar

About Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is one of the most famous artists of the 20th century. Most famous because he created a new art movement – Pop art. In the sixties, he discovered Campbell’s Soup Cans, which would soon become the inspiration for his art. His most famous works are being created soon – 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans, Green Coca-Cola Bottles, and Dollar Sign Series.

Andy Warhol Exhibition Zadar
Flowers 73 is part of his Flower Series Pop Art

Factory Made: Warhol and the Sixties

In the 1960s he also purchased the camera to begin his film career. Then he made the cult films “Chelsea Girls” and “Empire and Blow Job”. It’s interesting that the main characters were lunatics, transfections, models, etc. In 1963 he founded his own studio called “The Factory” to bring together painters, musicians, writers and other artists around him.

Andy Warhol Exhibition Zadar
Andy Warhol Exhibition Zadar

Actress Shoots Andy Warhol

One of the most important years in his life was in 1968 when he survived the assassination. It is very affected by his mental and physical health in the following years. He was mad about Christian rituals, went to Mass every Sunday, and the pope was the most important person in the world.

Andy Warhol Exhibition Zadar
Vintage Cameras Pop Art-assortment Vintage Cameras Pop Art-POLAROID

Andy Warhol Exhibition Opens In Zadar

I believe that there are not so many opportunities for some good exhibitions in Croatia, although over the years the situation is improving and every opportunity should be utilized. I am so glad that I could attend this exhibition and see the works of such a great artist. The ticket price is 80 kuna and 60 kunas for students. 

Flowers: The Mandrinette is a highly rare, local shrub.
Andy Warhol Exhibition Zadar
Vintage Apstract Pop art drawings
Andy Warhol Exhibition Zadar
Andy Warhol Exhibition Zadar
Andy Warhol Exhibition Zadar
Andy Warhol with (from left) Henry Geldzahler and Gala Dali, 1964

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