Zagreb Christmas Market

Zagreb Christmas Market, best in Europe 3rd time

Zagreb Christmas Market is the best Christmas Market in Europe 3rd year in a row

Like every other city in Europe, Zagreb has its own Christmas Market. The trend that started a couple of years ago and spread all over Europe found its place in Croatia. Even though it has been practiced only for a couple of years here, it has already been voted as the Best Christmas Market in Europe 3rd year in a row. It seems like it only gets better every year, with more places to visit, and more experiences to see.

The markets are spread all over the city center, on the squares and in the parks. But the most unusual one is located in the Tunnel Gric under the Upper Old Town. The tunnel decorations are trying to recreate the street from the history of Zagreb.

Advent in the Grič Tunnel

With that in mind, it is great to go and visit the Upper town with its beautiful view of the city at night. The most popular spot up there is the Strossmayer walkway with its beautiful houses where you can get a cup of great wine or eat hot sausage. From the square in front of Klovic palace, you can see the Cathedral with the Christmas melodies in the background.

Christmas Light Bike
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Antun Gustav Matos Statue
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Zagreb Christmas Market

Ban Jelačić Square

The main square is also a very popular spot for tourists to visit. There is always something happening. Either some concerts from popular artists at the main stage or some parties at the bars with a great atmosphere regarding the cold weather. You can also find unavoidable fair houses everywhere you look.

Zagreb Christmas Market

From the main square, there is a whole strip to visit all the way down to the main station. During the summer, the strip is a line of parks, green squares where people can enjoy their free time with beautiful architecture on both sides. Now, during the Christmas fair, parks adopt a lot of different events for children as well as for adults.

Zagreb Christmas Market

Advent on Zrinjevac

The first park on the way down is Zrinjevac. This big rectangular park with the arbor in the middle is decorated with thousands of lights that are climbing towards the treetops. It is really beautiful scenery especially when there’s snow. But also without snow, this park is one of my favorites. In this part of the Christmas Market, you can find some content for a more adult audience. From the middle of the park, you can hear jazz or something similar that puts us in a different time and place.

Zagreb Christmas Market
Zagreb Christmas Market

Zagreb Christmas Market – Advent on Stross

Next park on our way is called Strossmayer park. This year it must be one of the most popular stops of Zagreb Christmas Market for all the visitors. There are a lot of photo spots where you can take Christmas photos. Christmas houses surrounding the square create a beautiful and warm atmosphere with fire spots where you can get yourself warm. Again, you can hear some jazz music, but more suitable to dance to, than on the previous squares, and during the weekends, more contemporary one.

Advent on King Tomislav Square

The last, but not the least famous one is Tomislav’s square. If you have seen the promo material for the Zagreb Christmas Market, this is probably the spot that you’ve seen. The whole space is beautifully crowned with Art pavilion on the north and Main station building on the south. Through the whole park, there is an ice skating path. so it’s basically like you are taking a walk around the park while you ice skate. Beautiful Christmas lights are all over the trees. In front of the pavilion and on the walkways on both sides of a park.

Zagreb Christmas Market
Christmas Lantern With Burning Candle On Bright Blurred Christmas Xmas Lights Background
Zagreb Christmas Market

Seeing all those beautiful pictures and experiencing the Christmas atmosphere all over the city we can’t help but agree that Christmas fair in Zagreb is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

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photos: Dino Saruga + guest photographer  – Dorotea Crnjac

Find out more about Zagreb Christmas Market on official website.

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