Museum of Senses Split

Museum of Senses Split, the first interpretation center of fun in Croatia

A few months ago, one more tourist attraction is opened – the Museum of Senses Split. Otherwise, it is the first fun interpretation center in Croatia and it is divided into five zones: the area of vision, hearing, touch, smell, and balance. It contains about 30 interactive exhibits in a total of 400 square meters. We visited the museum immediately after the opening and this is a story about it.

The Mirror Labyrinth

Room with famous basketball player Dino Rađa

After you buy a ticket, a guide will also take you to the tour. He will explain how to use all the exhibits and answer all your questions. Of course, they are there and to help in the photographing and will be happy to help. One of the most photogenic rooms is dedicated to basketball player Dino Rađa. In this room, visitors can play basketball and become bigger or smaller.

Museum of Senses Split

Museum of Senses Split is full of amazing rooms, puzzles and illusions

The first room at the beginning of the route is the Mirror Labyrinth. In the room, you will see only yourself and the main goal is to find the exit. A room similar to this is the Galaxy Disco room where you will hear the songs of the famous Split musician Dino Dvornik. The room is exceptionally small but because of the large number of mirrors, it will look big.

Museum of Senses Split

Museum celebrates local heritage

Through all the rooms they tried to use the Dalmatian elements as much as possible to bring tourists closer to Split and its surroundings. You will notice this when you are in a room with Dalmatian winds. You will need to recognize them by smell. Probably one of the most interesting rooms will be the upside-down room wherein the background is the facade of a traditional stone house.

Museum of Senses Split
Camera Obscura and World of Illusions: The Vortex Room

Museum of Senses Split – Vortex Room

The room that is not exactly for everyone is called the Vortex Room. The goal is to go through the tunnel and walk straight there, but I’m sure it will be difficult to succeed because your brain and senses will be completely confused. I was lying on the bed with as many as 1000 nails without any hurt. Finally, I will point out the laser harp where you will play the melody by waving your hands in the air. A ticket price for adults is 80 kunas and for children 50 kunas.

The laser harp where you will play the melody by waving your hands in the air
Museum of Senses Split
Electric sphere Nikola Tesla
Bed with as many as 1000 steel nails
Museum of Senses Split
Museum of Senses Split
Museum of Senses Split
Museum of Senses Split

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