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These tree houses in Croatia are very popular! See why

If you are looking for a different holiday in Croatia, then you will surely like the offer of Plitvice Holiday Resort. These tree houses in Croatia represent an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In contrast to classic accommodations such as apartments or hotel rooms, a new kind of vacation – glamping won the Croatian market.

Tree houses in Croatia represent an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life
The Plitvice Holiday Resort is located in the small village of Gabovac

The houses are located high in the tree canopy, which represents the perfect opportunity to connect with nature. The interior of each house consists of 3 levels with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room. The furniture in the houses is mostly wooden. Moreover, in one house can sleep up to a maximum of 4 persons and one child. Living room with large window has become the perfect place for taking pictures and posting photos on social networks.

Plitvice Holiday Resort - Tree houses in Croatia

These unique treehouses were designed by the architectural firm Abstracto studio from Zagreb (link). They are responsible for the design of the exterior, the interior, the complete arrangement of the campsite and its fitting with the lake.

View of the lake and forest inside Plitvice Holiday resort
Luxury tree house perfect for a unique holiday
House - walls and furniture are made of wood

The Plitvice Holiday Resort is located in the small village of Gabovac, near the Plitvice Lakes National Park. In addition to 5 tree houses within the camp complex, there are 9 smaller houses located around the lake. If you visit this resort during the summer months then you will be able to swim in this lake. Also, a little further within the camp complex are Indian lodges located in an Indian village. They are the cheapest accommodation in the camp. Moreover, the most expensive night is in a tree house where you will have to spend as much as 500 euros per night.

Plitvice Holiday Resort Lake houses
Luxury tree house perfect for a unique holiday

Along the road, there is an à la carte restaurant serving mostly traditional Croatian food. There is also a bus stop near it, from where a shuttle bus runs daily to Plitvice Lakes and back.

View of the interior of an interesting accommodation near the Plitvice Lakes
Cool Instagram place of Tree houses in Croatia
A circle-shaped bridge above a small river
Hotel reception close to the forest
Suvenirnica - Gift Shop at Plitvice National Park
View from a luxury tree house sin Croatia close to Plitvice National Park

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