YoloBook photo album

With the YoloBook photo album keep your memories in a wonderful way

The Yolobook photo album has an interesting concept, you ask me why? When we were kids, we mostly looked at photos in photo albums. Today, this is no longer the case because we keep all the photos in digital format. In fact, to find our favorite photos, it is often necessary to search thousands of photos that we have stored on laptops or mobile phones. That’s why I bring you a wonderful Yolobook photo album to keep your moments of happiness – just like before!

YoloBook photo album

The brand comes from Serbia created by young designers. Sales are based on 3 countries in the Balkans: Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. My YoloBook album arrived a couple of days ago and the photos were beautiful. Actually, for now, I have only 2 albums, but I definitely plan to buy more.

YoloBook photo album

How to order a Yolobook photo album?

Making an album is very simple. Ordering is possible via the YoloBook mobile or web application. Mobile apps are available on the Google Play Store (link) or Apple Store (link). The first step is to sign up for an application via email, Instagram or Facebook. In the second step, you will choose whether you want one, two or three albums. Below each option is the prices. If you decide to order 2 or 3 Yolobook photo albums you will also get a discount (about 40 percent so I recommend you that option).

YoloBook photo album

In the third step, you will choose your own photos. Each Yolobook photo album contains your 48 photos. Photo quality depends mostly on the quality of the image you choose. To be honest, considering the very low price I was very surprised by the very high-quality albums. The album’s dimensions are 11.1 x 15.5 cm, which means that it will best fit the photo ratio of 4: 3. Since I had a lot of pictures of different formats, I used the cutting option in their application. Also, photo editing software allows you to create a 1: 1 square photo ratio.

YoloBook photo album

The fourth step is perhaps the most fun when choosing album covers. There are 5 different collections divided into the topics: birthday gifts, special occasions, travel, baptism and growing up.

Travel the World postcard

Price and Shipping?

As I said before the price depends on the number of albums. The standard price for one album is 89 kuna, for two 149 kunas, for three 199 kunas. Of course, if you follow Instagram or Facebook profiles you will probably find some seasonal discounts (recently was 40 percent for women’s day). For all orders, delivery is free, while the payment is made on the day of delivery. It takes about 7-10 business days for making and delivering.

YoloBook photo album
YoloBook Iskustva
YoloBook photo album
YoloBook photo album
Historic cityscape of Delfshaven Rotterdam photo Postcard

Of course, if you have any questions please leave a comment and I will help you or contact their official email – [email protected]. Most photos from my album are from Rotterdam so if you are interested in more about this city, click here.

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